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iCCup Forum rules

While posting on our forum, you are allowed to be yourself as long as that does not entail vulgarity. Freedom of thought is encourage as long as that does impede upon the freedom of other users.

We punish for:
1. Insulting in a rude and/or foul manner
2. Insulting a user, his/her family, and/or other people that are close to him/her
3. In the case of two parties (or more) insulting each other, both are punished, regardless of who started the discussion or why.
4. Racism in any way, shape or form.
5. Insulting an iCCup admin in any way, shape or form.

Punishment — from week ban to permanent ban. 

We also forbid:
6. Post flooding
7. Creating multiple posts of the same thing
8. Smilepost
9. Creating «backdoor» topics.

Punishment — from day ban to 100 days ban.

10. Trade:
10.1. It is forbidden to buy/sell/exchange your accounts or stats on our server. 
Punishment: ban for undefined time, clear stats + block the account.
10.2. It is forbidden to buy/sell/exchange keys or invites of different games (e.g. Dota2).
Punishment: ban for 14 days.


On repeated occasions of abusing one and the same rule the term of the punishment is determined by the administration, but no less than for the previous abuse. Administration members are deputed to increase the term using their own discretion, up to deleting the account. The rules have no retroactive effect. If an abuse was made before the forbidding rule, it is not classified unless it is forbidden by another rule. The law system of our server is not precedent.