iCCup Launcher

iCCup Launcher allows you to play DotA and StarCraft: Brood War on iCCup with an anti-hack which means games you play will always be fair.


iCCup DotA - latest version (426)

Download (16.21Mb)

New version of the iCCup DotA with latest bug fixes and updates. Modernised and more comfy DotA experience.

Download Game Client (WC3)


Useful information and links on how to download and install the game

iCCup BETA Star Launcher

Download (80.65Mb)

This is a Public BETA version of the NEW iCCup launcher. You can log in, use chat, browse games, join lobby inside launcher itself. WarCraft III being used only when the game is loading. That way, we can finally update and improve User Interface, add new features and fix old limitations of the WarCraft III GUI. !Important notice! This is a public, but BETA version of the launcher. There are some bugs and features missing. New iCCup Star Launcher is in constant state of improvement. If you found any bugs or just want to suggest additional features, please check Bugtrakcer > Launcher Tab. https://iccup.com/bugtracker?type=launcher

Original DotA 6.83s

Download (12.4Mb)

Original DotA version with iconic gameplay and familiar vibe.

Custom maps full pack

Download (609.54Mb)

Custom maps, full mappack. You will find every map supported by custom bots (hosted thru /chost). Pudge wars, LTD, and many more.