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The Basic rules of the Server

These rules are not in final state.

We will punish for:

1. Insults.

— Direct insults against other player(s).

PunishmentChat ban from 2 days to 14 days depending on the grade of the insult.

— Insulting or using offensive words against family members of other players.

Punishment: Chat ban from 14 days to 30 days. It's possible to ban the account.

2. Posts.

It is forbidden to advertise, publish or discuss hacks, bugs, cheats or anything which is against iCCup's policy.

Punishment: Ban the account.

3. Disrespect the administration:

— Insult admins or admins' family members (mother, father, etc.) in server or site

Punishment: Permanent ban (site and server).

4. Advertisements

— It is forbidden to advertise hacks or 3rd-party programs which can give advantage before other players while playing in iCCup.


Punishment: Блокировка чата на 30 дней, возможен бан аккаунта.(Только на сервере)

5. Racist statements

Punishment: Chatban up to 30 days.

6Impersonating an admin or tell people that you have admin friend.

Example: I am admin, if you do not leave — I will ban you.

PunishmentChatban for 30 days.

7. Abuse the chat, flood or SPAM

Punishment: Chatban from 7 to 14 days. In rare cases — lock account.

8. Registering nicknames:

8.1. It is forbidden to register nicknames, which contain insults, any offensive words or which are disrespecting other players or the administration.

Punishment: Ban account.
8.2. This includes nicknames which are containing hacking web sites or names.
Punishment: Ban account.
 It is forbidden to use iCCup prefix / suffix when creating a new account.
Punishment: Ban account.


The administration reserves the right to increase the ban period and/or use heavier punishments in given cases by its own discretion. If you find that the punishment against you is unfair, you can make a complaint against admin.