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iCCup Developers

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Project Manager
Ukraine iCCup.YelloAnt (contacts)

Website leesang Javascrypt / Design IF PHP Developer iCCup.Platoon Web Quality assurance

iCCup Launcher
Russian Federation Mike 

Game Servers (using PvPGN)
Russian Federation x64 Servers / Host-bots

Members of Honor Fukkei Anti-Hack / Launcher / DotA / 
Russian Federation Unk  web site core / conception / 
StarCraft server Niki_toss PHP developer
Russian Federation CoolFaer StarCraft server 
Ukraine Python_Max Anti-Hack Launcher
Russian Federation Podgar  from the very beginning
Argentina Cheloman StarCraft Section Leader
Russian Federation baddan StarCraft server / web site
Germany MasterOfChaos anti-hack / plugins
Russian Federation qG.OptiX English translation  
Russian Federation huSh -_^ English translation
Russian Federation randomaze design / first layout / banners
Russian Federation oneunfit design / logo conception
Romania OnYx server banners
USA Nightmarjoo  Mappack   
Brazil Testbug Mappack 
USA iCCup.Tesla English translation
USA iCCup.Mai-K Korean translation
USA iCCup.Esc4toN static pages iCCup.SaZ Developer