Basic Rules

1. By registering on iCCup, you agree to read and accept any current and future rules:

Terms of use
— Basic Rules

DotA Forum Rules
DotA Basic Chat Rules
DotA Ladder Rules
Dota Tournament Rules

StarCraft Ladder Rules
— StarCraft Tournament Rules
— Starcraft Nation League Rules

   1.1 In any case where rules differ between the RU and EN versions of the website, the RU rules shall supersede the EN rules (except for Starcraft where EN has priority).

2. Behavior Towards Administration

  2.1 It is forbidden to disrespect administrators
  Punishment: Chatban / Account ban / IP ban / Etc.

  2.2 It is forbidden to threaten administrators in any way
  Punishment: Account ban
  2.3 It is forbidden to deceive administrators
  Punishment: Account ban
  2.4 It is forbidden to spread negative rumors about iCCup, the administrators, or the players
   Punishment: Warning, account ban

  2.5 It is forbidden to discuss, sell, buy, trade, distribute, or use exploits and hacks 
   Punishment: Account ban
  2.6 If an administrator has broken a rule or made an unfair decision, a report should be made in the «Complaint Against Admin» board.

3. Use of Programs

  3.1 It is forbidden to use any program that may give you an advantage over other players and is not limited to maphacks, drophacks, and multicommand.
   Punishment: Account ban
  3.2 It is forbidden to use any program that modifies your username in any way
   Punishment: Warning, account ban

4. Chat and Accounts

  4.1 It is forbidden to use foul language which is not limited to swears, racism, and sexual terms.
   Punishment: Kick / Temporary ban / Chatban
  4.2 It is forbidden to flood with chat, commands, or any other form of communication.
    Punishment: Kick / Temporary ban / Chatban

  4.3 It is forbidden to use abusive and/or offensive language in team/clan names.
   Punishment:Team/clan may be removed, author's account ban

  4.4 It is forbidden to create an account using offensive language and using websites as a username for an account.
   Punishment: Account ban

  4.5 It is forbidden to advertise other online games and/or websites.
   Punishment: Account ban
  4.6 It is forbidden to advertise sexual services and/or porn.
   Punishment: Account ban 

  4.7 It is also forbidden to advertise websites containing hacks and/or programs will may give an advantage over other players.
   Punishment: Account ban / IP ban
  4.8 It is forbidden to impersonate administrators or other players.
   Punishment: Chat ban / Account ban
  4.9 It is forbidden to challenge or argue against an administrator's decision unless it's a reasonable complaint in the «Complaint Against Admin» board.
   Punishment: Temporary ban
  4.10 It is forbidden to express racism and/or nationalism.
   Punishment: Kick / Account ban

  4.11.1 It is forbidden to create accounts for others and/or use other people's accounts.
  4.11.2 It is forbidden to play from one account at once (simultaneously) in several games.
    Punishment: Account ban / Ban from website

  4.12 It is forbidden to buy, sell, or trade accounts, or transfer statistics to another player.
   Punishment: Clear statistics / Ban sending and receiving account.

5. Other

  5.1 The administration reserves the right to interpret and handle issues that are not explicitly described in these rules and shall decide on the punishment based on what may feel necessary to impose upon.

  5.2 The administration reserves the right to refuse service without explanation.


  For repeated violations of the same rule, the punishment is to be determined by the administrator, which will be no less than the previous punishment. The administration may extend the punishment to the point of deleting the offending account.

  Rules are not retroactive unless otherwise indicated meaning if the violation was done before the rule(s) was(were) established, it is not covered by the newly introduced rule(s).