Teammate give out the location of the team or the flame? Mute him

DotA Developers

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Project Manager
iCCup.YelloAnt (contacts)

Lead developers 
Russian FederationMike 
Russian Federationx64

Developers team
Russian FederationBOEBAKA  — Modeling & Effects
Russian FederationJulia. — Game mechanics
Russian FederationiCCup.natrezim — Quality Assurance
UzbekistaniCCup.Sean —  Quality Assurance (inactive)

Also contributed
Russian Federationunfeeling  — Loadscreen design  

Members of Honor
#flags_dlg.byFukkei —  
Lead DotA & Anti-Hack developer 
Russian FederationiCCup.Shuff1er Quality Assurance|
Russian FederationiCCup.Platoon  — File structure