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How to Start Playing DotA?


How to start playing on iCCup? It's QUICK & EASY!

Your version of WarCraft III: Frozen Throne must be Patched to v1.26a 

TypeSize Windows Download 
Zip 803 MB  32-bit x86 WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne 
Installer  756 MB  32-bit x86  WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne                                                 

   1. Register on our website from here: Open me
   2. Download iCCup Launcher: Open me
3. Open launcher and set path to warcraft III exe and then click «Play Warcraft III»
4. From Battle.net gateway — choose  «The Abyss(ICCup)».
5. Login with the account you've created on our site and start playing.
Look below for more help and guides. 


How does the iCCup rating scale work?
  You begin at iCCup with the ranking of “D” with 1000 points. Winning matches will improve your points rating, and losing matches will do the opposite. Every 1000 points you win, you will improve once step in rank. The ranking system goes from D-, D, D+, C-,C, etc. This is a system long implemented by the Starcraft community to create a well balanced environment for players to play in and find players of similar skill. Detailed chart can be found here.


Host bots commands


/host mode gamename (for example /host ap join fast, where «ap» is mode and «join fast» is gamename)  — Creates public game, works only in channel.

Available modes: ap/rd/cm/sd/ar

/private /priv — Sets created game to private.

/public /pub —Sets created game to public.
/unhost — Deletes your game, works only in game.
/start — Starts your game, won`t work if there are < 10 players.
/hold nickname— Reserves slot for specified player, whose nickname you entered.
/kick — Kick player from specified slot (for example kick 9)

/ban — Ban player from specified slot (for example ban 9)

/close — Closes specified slot.
/open — opens specified slot.
/closeall — Cloeses all slots.
/openall — Opens all slots.
/swap /switch — Swaps players in specified slots.
/nah — Disallow/Allow players without antihack join in to your game.

/stats — Shows your ladder statistics.

/clearstats YES — Clears your ladder statistics. Can be used once in two weeks.

/defaultbot [RU/EU] — Shows/sets default bot location.


Full list of available commands can be found here.


Commands for banlist:


/banlist check(/banlist c) — Checks this player in your banlist.

/banlist ban(/banlist b, /b ,/banleaver) — Adds this player to your banlist.

/banlist unban(/banlist u) — Deletes this player from your banlist