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Reservation of Rights

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The administration has the right to pose matters not explicitly specified in these rules, in its discretion and decide on the sanctions and penalties, be guided only by life experience and common sense. The administration of iCCup.com has the right to refuse any User to provide gaming service without explanation.

2.    Tournaments

 Organizers of the tourney must keep the following terms//conditions:

  1. Place a graphic banner in every news / announcement of the tournament.
  2. Set in a tournament announcement server ww.iccup.com as a partner.
  3. Keep the general rules
  4. Add an iCCup.com promo video, if Broadcast and VOD-recording are accepted.
  5. Commercial tournaments and events with cash prizes may be provided on iCCup.com servers only with permission.

The administration has the right to: 

1. Refuse to conduct tournament or other event without explanation. 

2. Interrupt announced or already started tournament or event, if required terms//conditions have been violated. 

3. Exclude from taking part in a tourney any person without giving a reason. 

4. To observe any stage of the tournament games / activities. 

5. Provide their own videos and radio broadcasts of a tourneys. 

6. Write reviews, articles, publish the results. 

7. Request the tournament replays and all events. 

8. Require any other information.

Administration is not responsible for: 

1. In case of failure of the tournament for technical reasons. 

2. In case of organizational fraud.

3. In case of rejection by the organizers to hand out the prizes. 


Please, send your requests/questions to [email protected]