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iCCup DotA Ladder rules

I. Feed

1.1. Death(s) which purpose is to give advantage to the enemy.

1.2. Intentional giving of things to the enemy, which they can sell or get advantage in the battle.

1.3. Giving game information to the enemy which they can use to hurt your allies.

1.4. Destruction of your or allies items.

1.5. Mass buying of cheep or useless items.

1.6. Intentionally using of spells to harm your allies (more than 3 times), or 1 time if this spell results in death. 

1.7. AFK more than 7 minutes.

Penalty: block of the account for 14 days, in exceptional cases it is possible to block the account for 30 days.



1. You won't get a penalty for low skill.

2. Lag is not a reason for feed, so if you have lags — you can't say, that: «i had lags».

3. If the information you gave to your enemy had been already known or didn't harm your allies — you won't get a penalty.

4. Price of a broken item must be more than 300 if the item(s) was broken before 5th minute and 600 if after.

5. If you break all your items before leaving the game you will get a penalty.

6. The game can be deleted by administration if it's necessary.

7. For single action of hurting your allies in already won/lose battle you won't get a penalty but if this action happened twice — you'll get a penalty.


II. Abuse

2.1. Any type of feed to player(s) of enemy team and any action which can hurt you allies by previous collusion.

2.2. Feed by using multiple computers or multiple windows.

2.3. Abuse of TB streaks (like APTB, XLTB, RDTB, etc.).

2.4. KDA abuse. Multiple feed to enemy player(s) to make their KDA higher.

Penalty: For a player who wanted to increase his statics with the help of another player — block of the account for 90 days + clearstats. For a player who was used to do it — block of the account for 90 days.

2.5. Exploiting bugs/weaknesses/vulnerabilities of the ladder system.

Penalty: Account with high points: clearstats; Account with low pts: block of the account for 30 days + clearstats.

2.6. Intentionally increasing your points with an allie(s) who use(s) hacks.

Penalty: For player(s) who use(s) hacks — account lock; For player(s) who increased their pts by using an allie(s) who have used hacks — block of the account for 90 days + clearstats.

2.7. Abuse of first blood. Intentionally activation of the ladder system after one of players had already left or had already dropped from the game.

Penalty: block of the account for 30 days.


1. If you used a statics transfer which you received in an unfair way, it will be cleared.

2. The game can be deleted by administration if it's necessary.


III. Other

3.1. Your computer, your IP, your account – your problems. Nobody cares, even if it was done by your brother, mother or guide-dog.

3.2. Administration can make a decision(s) on penalties, guided by life experience and common sense.


And about ALLOWED stuff: 

1. You can use any latency you want.

2. You can use meepokey, invokerkey, etc. but not hacks.

3. Backdooring. Any place, any time. 

4. Pulling of items and using leavers freely, except feeding with them, of course.

5. Collecting any items, even M61 Vulcan with uranium-filled bullets. But still, buying 30 couriers or non-countable amount of branches could lead to charges of feeding.

6. Creep-blocking and creep-skipping. Exclusion — aforementioned bug-abuse with someone like Venomancer.

7. You can kill enemies and allied creeps.

8. Playing and enjoying!


Period for executing punishments — one season. If you got caught even 2 months after the abuse, but in the same season, the punishment will be given.