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Everything you need to win in one ALL IN PACK

iCCup DotA Ladder rules


1. Using a various map bugs or glitches, which give noticeable advantage.
Best known – a bug “Roshan and Waveform”, or self-blocking creeps (usually done with Venomancer, but other heroes possible too). Blocking creeps with Sprout or Toss or Fissure doesn’t fit, but if it lead to self-blocking – its bug abuse.
Unknown or non-mentioned bug stills count as bug.
Penalty: clearstats or lockacct, if there are low-pts account.

2. Using a hacks or plug-ins, which give unfair advantage.
Such programs like maphack, tradehack, etc. It's also forbidden to write things like “I use mh”, it doesn’t matter if it was a joke or something similar. Only if a positive answer has been provoked by enemy, it is allowed.
Of course, key remappers like Warkeys or Dotakeys still allowed.
Penalty: permanent lock of account (forum and game), possible 30-days IP ban.

3. Insulting of other players.
You are within your rights to discuss and challenge any player action, laugh at him, use various metaphors, but once you start to insult him, you will be muted.
Penalty: muted for a certain time, depending on level of insult.

4. Intentional game ruining things or abuses.
Includes any kind of unfair influence on the game's result or player statistics like:

— Creating any kind of troubles for allies.
Using Chen’s or KotL’s teleportation without a reason, using abilities to help the enemy, controlling of allied hero with malicious intent (like item destroy or disabling him with harmful orders), etc.
Penalty: depend on circumstances — permanent lock of account, clearstats or pts-removal (number of removed pts depends on situation), 3 days IP-ban.

— Feeding.
Deliberately dying: tower diving without a reason, “fountain rush” through enemies, etc. Remember – «feeding» is an intentional action, we do NOT punish low-skill players. Lag isn’t an excuse for feeding.
Penalty: permanent locking of account, clearstats or pts-removal (amount of removed pts depends on the situation), 3 days IP-ban.
IMPORTANT! Selling all or part of main items and dying afterwards could be considered feeding as well.

— Destroying your own items before leaving, or destroying your own items and continuing to play like a creep.
Penalty: permanent locking of account, clearstats or pts-removal (number of removed pts depends on situation).

— Feeding for friends.
Intentional deaths for friend(s) who is/are on the opposing team to give him/them a free win.
Penalty: feeder – permanent ban, probably IP ban, friend – clearstats or ban, depending on number of abused games.

— Trying to cheat with pts-system.
Using or buying “/transfer” while loosed game didn’t added to current stats (to save stats).
Penalty: clearstats, rarely lock of account.

Clearstats has two possibilities:
—Normal clearstats, if the win/loss ratio of the violator, is over 70%
—If the win rate is below 70%, they will only lose pts while win/loss stats won’t get changed.

5. Staying AFK and avoiding -kickafk.
You are allowed to stay AFK in all modes, except “–cm”, if you do NOT avoid kickafk by ordering controlled units. Even if you wrote “-ff”, it still not an excuse.
In “-cm” mode you should play without AFK, except case when it’s approved by teammates.
Penalty: -750pts, +2leaves; if player has been punished for AFK before, he will lose further 250pts for every repeat offence.
— If player stay AFK less than 5 mins – he didn’t break the rules. But note, that if you are AFK for 3 minutes there, and for another 3 here, its will be counted as AFK and kick-avoiding, so be careful.
— If player farm woods while his throne/base is being besieged by the enemy team, an admin could state that it's intentional game ruining, and you may be punished.
— Since “-cm” mode have –afk and –kickafk commands disabled, an AFK players will be punished for -1000pts and +2leaves, unless they made an agreement with their team.

6. Abusing First Blood (activating ladder).
Intentional death or kill right after drop or leave by one of the players to activate the ladder system. If the aggression started before drop or leave, it won’t be a violation.
Penalty: -2000pts, if pts is too low – permanent locking of account.

7. Your computer, your IP, your account – your problems.
Nobody cares, even if it was done by your brother, mother or guide-dog.

8. Killing allied creeps (denying).
This is like totally insane!
Penalty: preaching.

And about allowed stuff:

1. Backdooring. Any place, any time.
2. Creep-blocking and creep-skipping. Exclusion – aforementioned bug-abuse with someone like Venomancer.
3. Collecting any items, even M61 Vulcan with uranium-filled bullets. But still, buying 30 couriers or non-countable amount of branches could lead to charges of feeding.
4. Pulling of items and using leavers freely, except feeding with them, of course.
5. Playing and enjoying!
Limitation period – one season. If you got caught in same season, even 2 months later, you will be punished.