Host and Download DotA


New version is up 

We are glad to inform, you guys, that newest version of DotA is currently our main and stable version — iCCup DotA 6.85.264 so you know 264 is our own development build version (yes, there been that many versions already). It's been more than a year in a making, with 10 000+ test games. It is stable, more balanced game, with lots of advanced mechanics, light years ahead of the Legacy DotA we had before. But mainly, new version is more fun, check it out. 


How to host a right version of DotA for You

You just need to pay attention to the two things. 

1. When you are joining games, check the preview picture. 
2. When you are hosting games, pick a right host bot 

Here are the differences you need to be aware of:

Updated DotA





Host bots with a new iCCup DotA:




Legacy DotA


Host bots with a legacy 6.83s DotA:


So here is little something, to visualize exactly which bot hosts what.


So if you are a fan of the good old DotA with maximum nostalgy factor, go ahead and look for the unstoppable Barathrum on the preview picture. But, if you are more used to modern comforts, like ALT+Click on ability to inform your teammates whether it is ready or not, update minimap and gold balance. Well, you need to keep an eye on the new preview picture when joining games. 

Hope this is helpful in the changing sea of iCCup DotA. 

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