How to complain

Points and ladder
Nobody could tell if there will be some accident, which will force you to leave, like fatal error, or ISP problems, or even cat on keys Alt and Q. Since it isnt really nice — to loose points due such things, we have a ladder refusing system. You should save proper replay, read this guide, and send complaint as written there.

On our server widely practiced Report-system. Every «bad guy» could break not only your game, but someone else, thats why it really helpful for you and us together. All what you should do — its make a complaint.

Feeders, AFK'ers and other game-related violators: if player ruined game by his hands, tried to prevent your team from success, you able and even should to make a complaint on him here, following some rules. He will be punished, depends on his pts and level of harm.

If player suspected at hacking, you should watch replay to ensure, that there are no logical ways to do such stuff, and make a complaint here, following this rules.

If player do insult teammates or enemies, and do it with really rude words, he could be muted, if you will write a complaint on him. Create a topic here, following this rules.

If administrator rejected your complaint, you must NOT TO spam with new topics. Only right decision — is create topic here, any other kind of protest could lead to ban.

If you faced with incorrect actions of administration, you could complain on him in this section.