The Basic rules of the Server

Rules of behavior on the server

                          INSULTING RELATIVES

Actions aimed at humiliating the dignity of a person by insulting his relatives.
• For indirect insults, you will also receive a chat block.
• For veiled insults, you will also be punished.
• This type of insults does not require clarification.

    Minimum and maximum sentence: 19 days of chat blocking.



•Actions aimed at humiliating the user,in relation to:
All this can be characterized by the word — racism.
• For any disrespectful address to the nation (whether it is indirect or veiled), the chat will also be blocked.

Minimum and maximum sentence: 29 days of chat blocking.

                             INSULTING THE ADMINISTRATION

• For insulting the administration, you will receive a chat block from 3 to 29 days.
• Threatening messages to the administrator — account blocking.

                             INSULTING BOS/WALL ON THE SITE

• Insulting relatives — 19 days of account blocking
• Racism — 29 days of account blocking
• Insulting the administration by type 2 and 3 — 29 days of account blocking



• If someone in the game impersonates a representative of the administration or threatens other players that he has friends administrators, he will receive a chat block for 29 days.
• For advertising products or Internet resources, you will receive a chat block from 29 days before the account is blocked.
• For an offer to sell, buy, exchange an account for iCCup, caps, programs with hacker software, you will receive an account lock. For trying to sell, buy, exchange any other product, you can also be punished.
• For provoking players to further insults, you will receive a chat block for 15 days.
• If the insult has an error of 1 letter or several, but the meaning is clear — the chat will be blocked according to the rules.
PD channel is not moderated, for all types of insults, except for the administration.
• If an administrator's decision is made on the complaint, it is no longer possible to cancel it, only to challenge it, in appealing punishments.

• Deliberate spam with full-screen text to block the view of your players.
Punishment: account blocking for 5days, in exceptional cases, account blocking for 10 days is possible.
• For insults through the /away /dnd command as well as through the name of the game, you will receive an account lock for 7 days.

If the user floods more than 15 seconds into the chat, it is also enough to clog the chat in the amount of 17 posts +. Messages should not have a semantic load.


/ignore [user] — (For example: /ignore iCCup.x64)

Ignores all future messages from this user. If the behavior of some user seems offensive to you, or the remarks are distracting, use this command. All further statements of this user will not bother you.


• It is prohibited to disseminate information of a hacker nature (links, or just mentions of hack programs, bugs and cheats), as well as statements regarding the shortcomings of the iCCup platform.

Punishment: Account blocking.

• It is prohibited to place any advertising that carries information about hacker content sites and advertisements of various kinds of programs that give advantages in the game over honest users of the portal.

Punishment: Account blocking.

• It is prohibited to register nicknames that carry direct or indirect insults to relatives, nation or religion, as well as nicknames that offend the honor and dignity of iCCup.

Punishment: Account blocking.

• Including registration of nicknames containing any variations of the names of hacker content sites.

Punishment: Account blocking.

• Using any variations of the iCCup prefix in the nickname name.

Punishment: Account blocking.

• Note: We do not punish for personal insults, except for insulting the administration:


The rules can be supplemented or changed at any time at the discretion of the administration.

Each participant is responsible for reading and following the rules. The administration is not responsible for misunderstanding the rules.

The Administration has the right to interpret controversial issues not explicitly stipulated in these rules at its discretion and make a decision on punishments and penalties, guided by life experience and common sense.

The rules are not retroactive. If the violation was made before the rules were established, then it does not fall under the effect of the new rule, unless otherwise specified.