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EU Dota tickets and complaints

20 Jan 2024 @ 18:44 CET

Dear Forum Members

Welcome to the 'Support' section of our forum, where your needs are our top priority. Whether you have questions, concerns, or feedback related to custom games, technical support, Dota Allstars, donations & shopping, this is the place to be. We're here to listen and assist you in any way we can. Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts, and our dedicated community and support team will be right here to help.

For ICCup-related matters such as purchasing, going AFK, item misuse, intentional feeding, using unauthorized mods, or inappropriate language, please report these issues through our ticket system. Rest assured that your concerns will be promptly escalated to the relevant authorities for resolution.

However, please note that information shared in this forum is accessible to other users, and while we value open communication, we want to clarify that we cannot take direct action based solely on forum discussions. To ensure your issues are addressed effectively, kindly utilize our ticket system for ICCup-related matters.

Thank you for understanding, and we're here to assist you every step of the way.

Join us on a visual tutorial journey that simplifies the process of filing complaints in these four categories.
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Please ensure that you are logged into your account before proceeding to submit your desired complaint

The initial step involves navigating to the Support button located in the top header of the forum.


Once you've successfully logged into the Support Center section, you have the option to create a ticket for your topic of interest. This can be done by selecting one of the four available choices.


Within the Dota Allstars category, you will encounter four distinct subcategories, each tailored to help you file a complaint for specific issues:

1. Pts and rating
2. Tickets for game violations
3. Insult and spam
4. Complaints against admin

Please choose the subcategory that aligns with your concern for efficient assistance.


After selecting the topic that best suits your issue, you will find the required information and instructions contained within the chosen category. Please create your ticket following the guidelines provided in the selected title. After successfully submitting your ticket, we kindly request your patience, as ICCup boasts a large membership, and like you, many members aim to report abusers and enjoy a stress-free and fair gaming experience.Now, let's delve into each of these categories to explore the process and available options within each one.

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In this category, you will encounter two subcategories:

1. Disconnect / wrong pts
2. Wrong pts transfer
Disconnect / wrong pts

If you've encountered a disconnection during a game or forfeited instead of winning, this is the section you should visit. For disconnection issues, simply describe the disconnect in your complaint, and our administrators will work to resolve your problem promptly. If you've forfeited a victory due to incorrect point allocation, please specify this in your complaint's descryption, and our administrators will make every effort to address your issue quickly


Wrong pts transfer

If you have experienced an incorrect transfer of statistics, please make use of this section. Provide a detailed descryption of your issue, and our administrators will promptly review and address it.

This issue typically arises when utilizing the transfer feature available in our shop, and the best part is, it's completely free of charge! You can explore this feature right here: Transfer



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In this category, you will encounter three subcategories:

1. Report for feeding / AFK
2. DotA ladder cheating
3. Abusing, transfering accounts/stats
Report for feeding / AFK

When reporting cases of feeding or players going AFK, it's essential to understand that feeding involves intentionally dying to benefit the enemy team. It's a deliberate action, and it's important to note that there are no bans for low skill level play.

Additionally, having a 'bad internet connection (lagging)' is not an acceptable excuse for feeding. In fact, one, two or more intentional deaths followed by leaving the game are sufficient grounds for receiving punishment for feeding.

To report a feeding incident, please ensure your application includes the following details:

  • The offender's nickname.
  • The timestamp of the violation from the replay. (Although it's not always necessary, we encourage you to make use of the /time function in games chat when incident occurs. It can be a helpful tool to provide additional context and timestamp for a smoother review process. Feel free to keep this function in mind for your future reports.
  • Provide a thorough and accurate descryption of the moment of the violation, along with the specific time.

Please be aware that we receive a high volume of complaints, and the application review process may take several days to complete.


DotA ladder cheating

If you have solid evidence of cheating in a ranked game, please utilize this application form to report the offender.

Please indicate in the application:

1.  Nickname of someone you suspect is cheating

2. Replay of the game in question 

3. Timestamps (3 or more) for the suspicious activity 

4. Provide a detailed descryption outlining the reasons for your suspicion of cheat usage and the specific factors that lead you to believe so.

We greatly appreciate your contribution to maintaining fair play within our community. Please remember that the more information you can provide, the faster we can respond to your report. Kindly keep in mind that this is a manual review request, and processing the application may take anywhere from 3 to 7 days. Thank you for your understanding and commitment to fair gaming!


Abusing, transfering accounts/stats

Abusing games — feeding of the player(s) to the one(s) from the opposing team for several games, namely for 3 or more. You can calculate the abuse by looking at the match lists of certain players.

The topic must indicate:

1. Indicate nicknames of violators.

2. Indicate a link to matchlists.

3. Indicate a link to the replay.

If you are submiting abuse ticket, replay and matchlist must be provided.


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In this category, you will encounter four subcategories:

1. Report bad manners / AFK
2. Report for spam
3. Channel / Custom games / Lobby
4. Insulting in PM / on wall
Report bad manners

If you come across a player or players who are engaging in insults directed at others, whether it's other players or yourself, please make use of this section to report such behavior. In your complaint's descryption, be sure to specify the name or names of the violator(s). For more information on our rules, you can refer to our guidelines.


Report for spam

As per our rules, spam refers to a player's action of flooding the chat with a series of messages that lasts for more than 15 seconds and/or 17+ posts.

This includes both word spam and minimap ping spam. If you encounter such behavior, please report it accordingly.


Channel / Custom games / Lobby

If a player has insulted you on a channel(room), in a custom game or lobby then you have to report that action in this section. Ticket should be filled with:

When reporting instances of player insults, please ensure that your application includes the following details:

1. The nickname of the violator.

2. A screenshot clearly displaying the insulting behavior, along with the command /time. We highly recommend using this command as it provides the exact time of the incident, making it easier for us to investigate. Please note that tickets submitted without /time are considered invalid.

---+--- /time - command should look like this ---+---


Insulting in PM / on wall

When reporting insult in personal messages or on wall, please ensure that your application includes the following details:

1. The nickname of the violator.

2. A screenshot clearly displaying the insulting behavior, along with the command /time. We highly recommend using this command as it provides the exact time of the incident, making it easier for us to investigate. Please note that tickets submitted without /time are considered invalid.

---+--- /time - command should look like this ---+---

If a player has insulted you on your wall then that insult should not be removed. Only screenshots with insult isn't enough.


---+---Click here---+---

If you find yourself in disagreement with the decision made by our administrators or if you believe there has been a violation on the part of our administration representatives, please use this section to report your concerns. In your complaint, be sure to include the nickname of the administrator(s) involved and provide a detailed descryption of the nature of your complaint. We take all complaints seriously and ensure they are thoroughly reviewed by Head and Super Administrators.


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