Ladder points and stats

avatar More points 2 new

Confident in your skills? Get more points and play DotA with equal power!

avatar Clear statistic 5 new -40%

You got a lot of leaves, statistics of wins and losses are shabby? Reset the account and start again!

avatar Clear Leaves 5 new -40%

Clear leaves count, and your account gonna be clean again.

avatar Remove lose 5 new -40%

You can remove one lose from your statistic.

avatar KDA clear 11 new -40%

Clear your KDA stats

Other stuff

avatar Site announce 5 new -40%

Send a message that will be visible on the whole website.

avatar Hero stats clear 11 new -40%

Clear hero stats to have a perfect score.

avatar Lucky chest 29 new

Chest might bring you Pro account or even Elite

Account options

avatar Transfer 10 new -40%

You changed the nickname? Move the game statistics from one to your other account.

avatar Rename 41 new -40%

Rename your account, keeping the stats and bonuses.

avatar Buy account 29 new -40%

Buy a nice nickname. It will be completely yours, just set an e-mail.

avatar Temp Mute 4 new -50%

You can temporary mute users during the game.

avatar Unmute 11 new -40%

If you been muted in DotA, you can Unmute yourself right away.


avatar iCCup Elite 999 new

You become very special and unique with golden border around your nickname and you are always on top.

avatar Flag 9 new -40%

Now you can change flag in your profile to any country you like. Available fun, custom flags.

avatar Icon 17 new -40%

Want something special? Change your standard icon rank to one that suits you better.

avatar Clan channel 47 new -40%

You can change your default clan channel, as well as Clan tag. In game autojoin on that channel.