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English community

22 Jan 2024 @ 17:11 CET

This Discord group was created for users whose native language is English and who want to play the Dota game with English-speaking players.

English-speaking players on the iccup server can quick communicate with each other and play Dota together.

You can join the discord group from this link :



avatar #1 UZ Unknown(x_x) 23 Jan 2024 @ 11:40 CET

Why do we need such a Discord Channel?

If Muslims are mocked there, the moderators will not say anything anger.gif

avatar #2 CROATIA s1la_nebeska 27 Jan 2024 @ 23:28 CET

They wanna see you cry like a bby

avatar #3 UZ Unknown(x_x) 29 Jan 2024 @ 21:05 CET

Say hello to your mother))