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Award Winners

02 Jan 2013 @ 23:17 CET

Exactly a week ago we asked you to vote for the best players, biggest talents and other community related figures. In ten eleven categories every ICCup user was allowed to show his or her appreciation for our heroes. The race is over, the seven days passed by and we got more than 150 votes. Without further ado — here are the champions!


Player of the Year


PlaceNickVotes (%)
#1ArgentinaSziky55  (35%)
#2KoreaScan32 (19%)
#3Russian FederationDewalt23 (13%)


The award for Best player of the Year goes to #ZergSzikszai "Sziky" Miklós. With four Defiler Tournament gold medals and the first place in Altitude International Star League this wasn't too surprising. In addition to these Sziky won four minor tournaments, finished second in the ICCup Elo Event Ranking and was the star of different show matches — especially when he had to face Pusan in May last year. There's no player in the foreign community that is as skilled as the Hungarian — flawless macromanagement, no shaking hands in stressful situations, tremendous decision making and on top of it all no break downs or inactivity. Often only a handful lings were enough to destroy even the strongest opponents early on.

Ironically, the player to finish second is probably one of Sziky's biggest rivals. Scan, known not only for his tendency to trash talk but also for his Brood War skill, played against the award winner on several occasions, more than thirty games in the deciding stages of the Defiler Tournaments alone. Just like in the votings, Sziky leads their overall statistics, even though only by a little. We hope this rivalry will continue in the upcoming year — maybe with a bit less of flames and a bit more of in-game action!



Best Zerg of the Year

PlaceNickVotes (%)
#1ArgentinaSziky83  (48%)
#2PolandtrutaCz28 (16%)



13 (8%)


And again — this time with almost half of the votes and a big lead — the award goes to Sziky. Honestly, there are only few foreigners that were as dominant as Sziky. If you want to compare the Hungarian's skill to somebody else, you'd have to go a lot back. It really reminds one at young Mondragon's reign over the world.

The runner up, trutaCz, is relatively «new» when it comes to regular top-place finishes. Only after summer of 2012 we could observe him entering the late stages of events. We'll definitely have to keep an eye on him!

On the third place there was tie between eOnzErG and TechnicS — again quite ironic when you think about it. These two are not exactly friends and had to face each other in the past weeks a couple of times...



Best Terran of the Year

PlaceNickVotes (%)
#1ArgentinaTerror37  (22%)
#2Argentinaskzlime32 (19%)
#3CanadaBibiane25 (15%)

Terror is one of the most known Terran players nowadays. With a bit  more than one fifth of the votings he takes the award of best Terran of the Year. He won, compared to other players, relatively few — only one Defiler gold. Other than that he entered quite a lot of events, regularly reaching at least the semi finals. A well deserved award!

In the second place we find skzlime, another really good and experienced player from team sas. However, with him making his come back only after summer, he probably played too few games, otherwise this could have been a very close voting.

The bronze medal goes to Bibiane, a Canadian you rarely hear something about. He displayed great talent in the Altitude International Starleague — hopefully with plenty of more to come in the new year!

 «Well I would liketo thank everyone who voted for me I will try to get better this year and make some good games. Also bw fighting¡¡¡ » — SJ.Terror



Best Protoss of the Year

PlaceNickVotes (%)
#1Russian FederationDewalt37  (22%)
#2GermanydOTY36 (21%)
#3PolandBonyth24 (14%)


The voting for Protoss of the Year was quite tense and decided only three hours before the voting was closed — Dewalt won. The year has offered a lot of ups and downs for the young Russian. He leads the ICCup Elo Event Ranking when it comes to the number of total games played, won two Defiler Tournaments and two minor events organized by the Russian scene.

The runner-up, dOTY, has been along for quite some time, playing in the German National Team before the Beta, had been member of notable teams like Speedlink and was generally feared for his vicious and often quite exotic openings. This time however it wasn't enough, Dewalt's quite close finish shows how the Russians support their scene heroes!

The third place goes to Poland and Bonyth. He made his comeback in December, showed a couple of really impressive games, but didn't win anything yet. If he can continue this run, we're most likely see him again — maybe even on the first place. The skill is there, he already has more experience than the new faces, who knows...


Biggest Talent of the Year


PlaceNickVotes (%)
#1Russian FederationDewalt49  (28%)
#2PolandtrutaCz37 (22%)
#3SpaineOnzErG19 (11%)


The award for Biggest Talent of the Year goes again to Russia — the country with the most awards. To be precise: Dewalt wins again. We just mentioned that Dewalt two bigger and two minor events this year. The most important words being this year. More than 200 ranked games show how hard he trained and the results speak for itself. You don't just get such a good record against the best for nothing.

The silver medal goes once again to trutaCz, another player with many good results in the past few months. His achievement box filled itself with rapid pace and we don't doubt that the Zerg will eventually win more and bigger stuff in the upcoming year!

On the third we see eOnzErG. To be honest, he wasn't «bad» or «not known» before we nominated him, but again, the Spanish Zerg improved by a lot, too. However, again, it was not enough. Better luck next time coach!


«At first it was a great surprise for me that I got nominated in three categories.

To be honest, I was sure I will finished first as best talent :D but being „best protoss“ is too amazing! To beat dOTY, who is the runner-up of ISL3 and Tama who is my favourite protoss.

I'd like to say «thanks» to everyone who had put his vote for me and to give great regards to my beloved team, to the sites defiler.ru and reps.ru" — Dewalt


Team of the Year


PlaceNickVotes (%)
#1Russian Federationreps.ru fun-gaming A58  (34%)
#2Argentinasas31 (18%)
#3#flags_dlg.worldLRM Evolutions28 (16%)


reps.ru fun-gaming pro-team wins the award for Team of the Year. They won our 20th season of ICCup CL and have a really scary line-up. It features Russia's very elite, players like Dewalt, Defi, Largo, Tama, Djem5 — a long list indeed. They are one of the most active teams, but are also known for their manners and highly capable organizers. This team has a lot of spirit and really do their part to promote Brood War. The support of their fans shows this!

The runner up is from Hungary and has a quite short name: sas. Just like reps) sas. has a very healthy spirit, a very scary line-up and won quite a lot of events already. There doesn't seem to be a clan that can really hope to win over them easily. However, it apparently wasn't enough this year — maybe next time then!

LRM Evolutions gets the bronze medal for this award. Especially their strong Zerg are to be feared — no other team can brag with names like Bakuryu, Pike, trutaCz or TechnicS. Now all they need to do is to win again.

There is no one who loves pain itself:

[We are really glad to get this award. This shows us that past few years we were moving in the right derection. We would like to thank every person, who voted for us, we appreciate, that you chose us.
But I am sorry to say that the reps.ru fun-gaming pro team (angel) is leaving ICC-CL. Here is the reason: we don't have enough active players. You know, we are team of friends, so we dont have millions of players :( We really love BW, but our avg age is 23-24 and, unfortunetly, we have to spend our time on some other things :( We love BW, and if we will have enough time we will come back, may be in 2-3 seasons. Anyway our daughter team (reps-B) will be still in xD. Good luck everyone, see you, play BW. BW is immortal if it is in our hearts!
— reps)Plumbum

Institution of the Year


PlaceNickVotes (%)
#1Russian Federationdefiler.ru81  (47%)
#2KoreaSOSPA41 (24%)
#3KoreaKeSPA31 (18%)


The first of the community awards — the prize for Insitution of the Year — goes to defiler.ru. This page truely shows what Brood War is all about: passion. Over fourty tournaments all in all were hosted there, promoted on different pages and entertained a lot of us in the entire year. Even though it's the one least professionaly oragnized, it has a certain something that just misses elsewhere. No drama whatsoever, just Brood War. And that's what it's all about, isn't it? It provides us, the players and the fans, a really continous amount of events. This award really is well deserved!

The silver medal goes to SOSPA — the institution (for the lack of a better definition) organized by SonicTV. It's hard to actually say anything about it, there are just no words that describe the awesomeness SOSPA is. Even license issues and match fixing can't stop him — we'll be happy to hear more of this new underground scene.

KeSPA is on the third place and was nominated more for their efforts in the past ten years rather than their quite strange and weird Pro League. After all, they at least managed to present us a final OSL with a worthy stream and all. Yeah well, so long, and thanks for the fish KeSPA, have fun with SCII.


«I started defiler.ru as project two years ago, trying to prove that StarCraft-Broodwar is a game for ages, a game that appears to be an endless road of self improvement. And some other guys got entusiastic too about this idea and I will be always grateful for them.
Thx for your voting and still playing in the best game ever.
P.S.: I AM THE KING»  -fr)yoda, project leader of defiler.ru



Community Award


PlaceNickVotes (%)
#1TL.net ABC Crew59  (34%)
#2TL.net SOSPA Crew40 (23%)
#3Liquipedia Editors30 (17%)

Teamliquid wins all three places of the Community Award. To be honest, there's no loser here either, all of the crews nominated would deserve it. Then again, this is true for all of the communtiy related awards.

The gold goes to TL.net's ABC Crew. Their news coverage was something we desperately needed. Usually, a lot of SCII people complain it's hard to follow Brood War if you're not a constant reader of forums. The staff around 2pacalypse- changed that when they finally released a number of articles that summed up the most current events. We all know how fantastic these write ups are — no argues about the winner here. Just for your info: the reason why we have no statement for this award is that they already work on their newest and maybe most exciting project — the Teamliquid Legacy Starleague!

It's a bit sad to see the SOSPA guys finishing on the second place. Especially when you see how much effort ArvickHero, Snipealot and kjwcj invested to bring us the latest Korean events. A minor relief though: at least they're more or less the same guys that also write for the ABC series!

Third, but not less important, are the Liquipedia Editors. They did a marvelous job and deserve a bit more than just a thank you — but only one can win. At least you have gold coins to brag with! (E/N: yeah, lol)


Extra Mile Award



PlaceNickVotes (%)
#1USANinaZerg41  (24%)
#2Russian FederationLargo32 (19%)
#3Russian FederationDefi25 (15%)


The Extra Mile Award goes to non other than gorgeous NinaZerg. She didn't win the award of what we Germans call «Tittenbonus», but for her efforts in terms of promoting Brood War. She might have an exotic style to report and hype, but one that never fails. It doesn't matter if it's only a write-up or tournament organization — Nina really did a very good job and really deserves this token of respect.

The second and third places go to Russia again. Largo, editor and organizer at reps.ru, is one of the friendliest guys there are. Dry humor, always a helping hand and very good organizational work. Defi, the guy on the third place, is yet another example of a highly commited event organizer. It was mainly him who made it possible that we could see the Defi  Mini Tour series and the show matches between Sziky and top class BJs. Too bad not all of the nominees can be winners!

 «Wow. Trozz, HawaiianPig, Stratos, Bakuryu… so many huge names that are such a hugely important part of the StarCraft community, and I am truly grateful to have beaten them so, so badly. I mean, it wasn't even a contest. I demolished them. Thank you very much to everyone who voted for me, I'm going to adopt you all as my children.» — NinaZerg


Best Caster



PlaceNickVotes (%)
#1Russian Federationyoda74  (43%)
#2United KingdomSayle41 (24%)
#3USAhacklebeast19 (11%)


The winner of the last category Best Caster is non other than the infamous magister yoda himself. He spent more than eight hours per sunday without break to comment and stream the Defiler Tournaments live  — while organizing them. In addition he was there for some Mini Tournaments and some editions of the Russian KOTH. He's truely one that loves our game.

Only a year ago this poll would have looked a lot different. Sayle is argueably one of the most popular casters and one of a kind. We don't exactly know why he didn't get more votes this time — maybe because he ""«only»"" casted the Korean events, or at least that's what you remember most of the previous year. Still, great effort, great casting, a great person. We hope to hear more of him soon!

Hackle's spot and the bronze medal don't really show how much he did. If it wasn't for the two community icons this man could have as well taken the gold. And again — it's horrible to write that he finished so far behind in comparison to the other two.


The Other Award

We — at least some of us — think there's another person out there that really does deserve an award. Yes, we're talking about what we thought of as "businessman of the year" or «upperclass twit of the year» — but that doesn't really express what we mean. CanadaEywa, this one is for you and you really, really, really deserved it. We're 100% sure your fans make a Brood War Card of you in the future!


The ICCup Staff gratulates all winners and wishes the rest of you a happy new year!


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Surprised by the caster voting, I'll worker harder next year to get #1 community award ~

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work* TT

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For uderstanding why yoda is on top is need to know russian grin.gif

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Dewalt chuck.png

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haha Yoda :D

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grats ^^ All the winners definitely deserved their #1 spot, even though skzlime should have won terran of the year ;P

Well, there's always next year, right? ;)

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Community Award - why not iccup =)

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I am the best player! crazy.gif