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Punished that helped the Sentinel in their mortal struggle, Zeus was exiled by the Gods and stripped of much of its force. Even being weakened, it attacks with lightning not a thing to be trifled with. He has magic that damages multiple enemies, making it a very powerful Battlemage.


image ZEUS

Strength / Agility / Intelligence

19+2.3 / 11+1.2 / 20+2.7

The statue of Zeus was commissioned by the Eleans, custodians of the Olympic Games, in the latter half of the fifth century BC for their newly constructed Temple of Zeus. Seeking to outdo their Athenian rivals, the Eleans employed sculptor Phidias, who had previously made the massive statue of Athena Parthenos in the Parthenon.

The statue occupied half the width of the aisle of the temple built to house it. The geographer Strabo noted early in the 1st century BC that the statue gave "the impression that if Zeus arose and stood erect he would unroof the temple."The Zeus was a chryselephantine sculpture, made with ivory and gold panels on a wooden substructure. No copy in marble or bronze has survived, though there are recognizable but only approximate versions on coins of nearby Elis and on Roman coins and engraved gems.


The 2nd-century AD geographer and traveler Pausanias left a detailed descryption: the statue was crowned with a sculpted wreath of olive sprays and wore a gilded robe made from glass and carved with animals and lilies. Its right hand held a small chryselephantine statue of crowned Nike, goddess of victory; its left a scepter inlaid with many metals, supporting an eagle. The throne featured painted figures and wrought images and was decorated with gold, precious stones, ebony, and ivory. Zeus' golden sandals rested upon a footstool decorated with an Amazonomachy in relief. The passage underneath the throne was restricted by painted screens.

Pausanias also recounts that the statue was kept constantly coated with olive oil to counter the harmful effect on the ivory caused by the marshiness of the Altis grove. The floor in front of the image was paved with black tiles and surrounded by a raised rim of marble to contain the oil.This reservoir acted as a reflecting pool which doubled the apparent height of the statue.

According to the Roman historian Livy, the Roman general Aemilius Paullus (the victor over Macedon) saw the statue and "was moved to his soul, as if he had seen the god in person",while the 1st-century AD Greek orator Dio Chrysostom declared that a single glimpse of the statue would make a man forget all his earthly troubles.


Statue of Jupiter (Hermitage), marble and bronze (restored), following the type established by Phidias (Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg)

According to a legend, when Phidias was asked what inspired him—whether climbed Mount Olympus to see Zeus, or whether Zeus came down from Olympus [b]so that Phidias could see him—the artist answered that he portrayed Zeus according to Book One, verses 528–530 of Homer's Iliad:

---+--- Homer's Iliad ---+---

ἦ καὶ κυανέῃσιν ἐπ' ὀφρύσι νεῦσε Κρονίων

ἀμβρόσιαι δ' ἄρα χαῖται ἐπερρώσαντο ἄνακτος

κρατὸς ἀπ' ἀθανάτοιο μέγαν δ' ἐλέλιξεν Ὄλυμπον.

He spoke, the son of Cronos, and nodded his head with the dark brows,and the immortally anointed hair of the great god swept from his divine head, and all Olympos was shaken.



The sculptor also was reputed to have immortalised Pantarkes, the winner of the boys wrestling event at the eighty-sixth Olympiad who was said to have been his "beloved" (eromenos), by carving Pantarkes kalos("Pantarkes is beautiful") into Zeus's little finger, and by placing a relief of the boy crowning himself at the feet of the statue.

According to Pausanias, when the image was quite finished Pheidias prayed the god to show by a sign whether the work was to his liking. Immediately, runs the legend, a thunderbolt fell on that part of the floor where down to the present day the bronze jar stood to cover the place.

Advanced Statistics


Movespeed:295Attack range:350

Attack speed:1.7Health:511

Health per level:38Mana:260

Mana per level:26

image image image image

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