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    The basic idea, which was the basis of the portal, has become one simple goal – The development of progaming. ICCup was originally conceived as the best of its kind team league for StarCraft: Brood War with top class refereeing, hence the name International Cyber ​​Cup, or iCCup, originated.

    Events took place in difficult grounds for StarCraft: Brood War during the time when the legendary PGTour ceased to exist, and the usual was never ideal for competitive players. Many wonderful StarCrafters left the game scene and it seemed that it was entirely over for the lovely RTS game. However, the idea of ​​iCCup attracted notable organizers, judges, developers, and connoisseurs of StarCraft: Brood War as early as November 6, 2007 when the first ladder season started, which we now consider the birthday of International Cyber ​​Cup.


    However the presence of game servers, not just the clan league, was only possible because of The Abyss and its leader known as Masamune, who shared and supported the idea of ​​developing the progaming scene.


    Less than a year after the start of the first season, iCCup's team league becomes the best in the foreign StarCraft: Brood War scene and gathers representatives of the strongest players from Europe and the CIS. The server has undergone enormous changes while the user-friendly complaints system and well-organized administrators worked together with an one of a kind anti-hack program did International Cyber ​​Cup became the world leader in professional progaming for StarCraft: Brood War.


    In early 2009, iCCup announced the first ladder season for WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne, which was unique because it is protected by an anti-hack, cutting off any hackers. A few months later, the website was completely revamped to allow users the opportunity to create galleries, write blogs, create tournaments, and much more.


    Later on December 18, 2009, the first ladder season for DotA: Allstars began under reliable protection from hackers and on the basis of host bots that created equal opportunities for all and ensured minimum latency. The DotA server was developed based on reviews from the gaming community and has a long list of unique features that makes the game on iCCup unique.


    Currently, International Cyber ​​Cup is not just a gaming portal that provides players from around the world the latest news and provides high-quality servers, the development of eSports, and has become a mark of quality which is evidenced by more than 8 million visits monthly.