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StarCraft - ComeBack

09 Oct 2016 @ 16:20 CET



Starcraft: Brood War is back on the big stage of eSports.
In South Korea, StarCraft: Brood War has a cult status, and even 18 years after the publication of her continue to play with passion. In 2010, it shifted to the expected large StarCraft 2 eSports scene: Wings of Liberty, however, supersede the predecessor of the hearts of fans, it could not. This weekend was a great retro tournament, a real gift for those who found the blossoming of StarCraft.


Descryption tournament

The final was between two recognized professionals Brood War — Bisu and Effort. Both have achievements in StarCraft 2, but deliberately return to the previous format. Close Korean strimingovy service Afreesa already promised two more tournaments on the old but beloved game in the near future. But almost at the eSports discipline elderly have the strength and support for the full return, even in Korea.

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