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Dota Tournament

19 Nov 2023 @ 12:00 CET


Results of last week's tournaments

Hello, dear users of our gaming platform! Week after week, and the tournaments remain originally interesting and exciting, in which you can test your strength and show others what you are capable of. A lot of tactical games, beautiful moments and other goodies can be found in these championships, and now let's move on to the review.

EU iCCup Earthshaker 1х1 Tournament


The tournament of the 56th season was held with a bang, in which a variety of players participated and proved themselves, but only the strongest won

[ i ] Tournament's info Winners Prizes
1st place USSR FUNNY 80 imageCups
2nd place UZ 25.12.2000 60 imageCups
3rd place UZ Mc.Boyka 40 imageCups

EU iCCup Slark 1х1 Tournament


The royal tournament, in which the guys do not feel sorry for themselves, but in the end, the efforts do not pass without a broken jackpot.

[ i ] Tournament's info Winners Prizes
1st place UZSTAN XL_S_A 80 imageCups
2nd place PS Katala] 60 imageCups
3rd place KZ SoLoMid 40 imageCups

EU iCCup Captain Mode 5x5 Tournament


A tournament that will allow us to find out the best player in this tournament. Let's see whose strategy is better!

[ i ] Tournament's info Winners Prizes
1st place

PS Muslim4iik

UZ imnotSurpr1sed

SA goodbye


EU Moon

70 imageCups

+450 Pts

2nd place

UZ Waxriyor-_-

USSR Mc.Boyka


CH princesf2

USSR feik112340

40 imageCups

+250 Pts

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Date Time Tournament type
20.11.2023 19:00 CET EU iCCup POTMA 1х1
22.11.2023 15:00 CET EU iCCup Skywrath Mage 1x1
24.11.2023 15:00 CET EU iCCup Tiny 2х2

Join in the party and have a good time ;)