Reforged: Patch 1.31.0

15 Jun 2019 @ 12:00 CET

 Today Blizzards has released Patch 1.31.0. One of the many patches released for Warcraft 3 this year. According to Metelitsa; They re updated the map editor seriously, patched their servers, improved the rendering technology, corrected another batch of errors and game errors.

Progress isn’t without its compromises. The team did their damnedest to get Arranged Teams working within the legacy system. And they re said; We’ve made strides to that end, but were unhappy with the experience. We decided it was more important to get this behemoth of a patch out the door then continue to delay. That means AT will return with Reforged, not before.





Cooldown now occurs when Windwalk breaks. 

Reduced the cooldown of Windwalk from 5 seconds to 2 seconds across all levels. 

Critical Strike

Now benefits from all damage once again, not just base damage

Kodo Beast

Devour can target Mountain Giants without Resistant Skin



Tauren now start with a reduced Pulverize that deals 20 damage

The Pulverize upgrade has been changed to “Upgrade Pulverize,” which increases the damage of Pulverize to 60

Upgrade Pulverize lumber cost reduced from 250 to 225 lumber

Spiked Barricades

Reduced the number of upgrade levels from 3 to 2

Tier 1 is 5 base damage + 20% of the attacker’s damage

Tier 2 is 5 base damage + 50% of the attacker’s damage




New Upgrade: Sundering Blades

Researched at the Barracks

Requires Castle, Lumber Mill, and Blacksmith

100 gold / 100 lumber / 40 second research time

Increases Knight’s damage against Medium armor by 15%


Equipping Orbs no longer slows attack speed when attacking air units

Animal War Training

Knight base Hit Points increased by 50

Gryphon Rider base Hit Points increased by 50

Dragonhawk Rider base Hit Points increased by 50

Animal War Training provides 100 Hit Points, down from 150

Animal War Training lumber cost reduced from 175 to 125

Control Magic

Additional mana cost up from 35% to 45%

Orb of Fire

Bonus Damage reduced from 10 to 7

No longer gives area of effect damage

New effect: Decreases the effectiveness of healing abilities and hit point regeneration by 35% for 3 seconds


Ultravision is now applied to Mountain Giants, Spirits of Vengeance, and Avatars of Vengeance

Dark Ranger

Life Drain

Life Drain now applies the Dark Minion effect of the current rank of Black Arrow (Requires at least 1 point in Black Arrow)

Demon Hunter

Mana Burn

Mana cost reduced from 60 to 50 across all levels

Druid of the Claw

Base Stats

Minimum damage in bear form increased from 22 to 23

Glaive Thrower

Vorpal Glaives Upgrade

Now increases projectile speed from 1400 to 2000

No longer guaranteed to hit its primary target

No longer changes to do damage in a line, instead Glaive Throwers keep their pre-upgrade circular area of effect damage.

Hippogryph Rider

Base Stats

Base hit points increased from 780 to 785

Keeper of the Grove

Base Stats

Night vision radius reduced from 900 to 800

Base Intelligence reduced from 19 to 18


Invulnerability duration reduced from 3 seconds to 1

Force of Nature

Treant base damage reduced from 15 to 14.



Base Stats

Movement Speed increased from 350 to 375

Gold Cost reduced from 185 to 175


New Spell Order

Cripple → Raise Dead → Unholy Frenzy


Now 85 mana

Reduces movement speed by 75%, reduces attack speed by 10%, and reduces attack damage by 35%

Unholy Frenzy

Renamed to Incite Unholy Frenzy

Sacrifices a target friendly Undead unit

All nearby non-mechanical units gain Unholy Frenzy — including neutral and enemy units

Raised to 175 mana

Added a 5 second cooldown

Ability area of effect is 250

Attack speed bonus reduced from 75% to 50%

Skeletal Mastery

Now requires Necromancer Adept Training to unlock

Ghoul Frenzy

Increase attack speed bonus from 25% to 35%

(New Item) Ritual Dagger

Shop Details

Bought from Tomb of Relics

Available at Tier 1

125 Gold, 2 Charges

Stock 1

90 second restock time

Item Details

Sacrifices a friendly Undead unit to heal 100 hit points to all friendly non-mechanical units

Damage interrupts regeneration

5 second cooldown between charges

400 cast range

300 effect radius




Healing Spray

Cooldown increased from 0 to 6 seconds

Acid Bomb

Level 1: Primary damage reduced from 6 to 5, and secondary damage reduced from 4 to 3

Level 2: Primary damage reduced from 11 to 10, and secondary damage reduced from 7 to 6


Bonus gold granted reduced from 125% to 100%


Soul Burn

Mana cost reduced from 85 to 65

Level 1: Damage reduced from 125 to 80

Level 2: Damage reduced from 270 to 200

Level 3: Damage reduced from 450 to 340

Pandaren Brewmaster

Breath of Fire

Level 1: Increased damage from 5 to 7

Level 2: Increased damage from 10 to 14

Level 3: Increased damage from 15 to 21



Boots of Speed

Removed from the default creep camp drop table

Starts with 2 stock on Goblin Merchants after initial cooldown

Cloak of Shadows

Heroes carrying this item can now Shadowmeld during the day as well as at night

Using this Hide ability also works with units that have Shadowmeld

Crystal Ball

Item level decreased from 5 to 3

Gold price reduced from 500 to 300

Lion Horn of Stormwind

Devotion Aura effect increased from 1 bonus armor to 2

Periapt of Vitality

Gold price reduced from 350 to 325

Rings of Protection

All levels: Gold price adjusted to be the same as other permanent items of the same level

Level 2: Damage reduction increased from +2 to +3

Level 3: Damage reduction increased from +3 to +4

Level 6: Damage reduction increased from +4 to +5

Level 7: Removed from creep drop tables

Scourge Bone Chimes

Vampiric Aura effect increased from 15% to 20%

Sentry Wards

Duration decreased from 5 minutes to 3 minutes

Tome of Experience

No longer a random drop from creep camps

Warsong Battle Drums 

Now provides the same ‘War Drums’ Command Aura buff as Kodo Beasts



Plunder Isle LV has been removed from 1v1 ladder

Tirisfal Glades LV has been removed from 1v1 ladder

Nomad Isles has been added to 1v1 ladder

Ancient Isles has been added to 1v1 ladder

Battleground has been removed from 3v3 ladder

Battleground LV has been added to 3v3 ladder

Timbermaw Hold (RoC version) has been removed from 3v3 ladder

Timbermaw Hold (TFT version) has been added to 3v3 ladder

Blasted Lands has been removed from 4v4 ladder

Nerubian Passage has been added to 4v4 ladder


Review patch from: FFAqwest (Channel)

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