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Custom Closed Games

07 Feb 2024 @ 19:16 CET


Another week came to an end, how much sweat was shed, what battles took place on our field. There were a lot of games this week. It's time to talk about some of the games and events at Custom Closed Games!

Now let's move on to the results you've been waiting for.

Сustom Closed Games — Result for 19.002.2024


Winners Prize
1 SECRET QueenOfPain 20 image
2 ROLO ASURA 15 image
3 RU EBpEu_BTyp6uHE 15 image
4 SOVIET ZOFA 10 image
5 MCDONALDS simple 10 image
6 VIGOR Creddy 10 image
7 UZ prosta_begi 5 image
8 RU MOONFORCE 5 image
9 LIVE Evergarden 5 image
10 UZ ASURA 5 image




On that fine note, the News section ends this review.

See you next week. Be healthy!  sombrero.gif

avatar #1 UZ iCCup.Takayumi 09 Feb 2024 @ 03:53 CET