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Custom Closed Games

27 Nov 2023 @ 21:00 CET


Another week came to an end, how much sweat was shed, what battles took place on our field. There were a lot of games this week. It's time to talk about some of the games and events at Custom Closed Games!

Now let's move on to the results you've been waiting for.

Сustom Closed Games — Result for 20.11.2023


1image -lebwa25 image
2image ZoFa15 image
3image Aliy15 image
4image Senpaai10 image
5image .Shock_Wave.10 image
6image Cronk_02035 image
7image TriGoRe5 image
8image HHF5 image
9image WeekComeBack5 image
10image TayJudsy5 image
11image Tolenshe5 image
12image h4ze-_-5 image
13image ubicanubov5 image
14image BaByLina5 image

Сustom Closed Games — Result for 24.11.2023


1image Rushong15 image
2image Infinite15 image
3image Mr.Sanjar10 image
4image .Shock_Wave.10 image
5image -LEBWA10 image
6image Maniac10 image
7image TayJudsy5 image
8image NearRiver5 image
9image DaviIsBack5 image
10image ZOFA5 image
11image Lewaisback5 image
12image ALIY5 image
13image BaByLina5 image
14image Thes135 image

And now the announcements at Custom Closed Games

Card Sequence!

On that fine note, the News section ends this review.

See you next week. Be healthy!  sombrero.gif