Storm, Earth and Fire - Nostalgia

05 Aug 2019 @ 17:10 CET

Greetings, dear friends of our iCCup Gaming Platform. Above all we wish you good health and better days! Let's remember the past… > Power of the Horde#Orc

''Power of the Horde" is the debut song by Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain, released with Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne on July 1, 2003, where it is featured during the expansion's credits. The song «appears» on the band's fictional 2003 album, also titled Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. A BlizzCon 2005 announcement jokingly asserts the song a «multimillion-selling» single, and the fictional album it derived from as best remembered for the «popular little computer game» that was included with it as a bonus feature, while these «facts» were quite the opposite in reality (the song itself included as a bonus to the highly popular Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos expansion).

Storm, Earth and Fire...!  Best of Rock'n Roll Axe


avatar #1 US gozlAzerbaijan 05 Aug 2019 @ 17:34 CET

-music special rickroll.gif still remember ==

avatar #2 NL BienaLReLaX 05 Aug 2019 @ 17:47 CET

Horde got avesome rock music ara.gif i remember hearing this at end of WCIII campaign. Epic <3

avatar #3 TR YolwerineLOO 05 Aug 2019 @ 18:12 CET

Foooooorrrrrr thheeeee hooorrrrdeeeeeeeee chuck.png

avatar #4 US gozlAzerbaijan 08 Aug 2019 @ 19:04 CET

World of warcraft battle for azeroth :)

avatar #5 UZ Life-GooD.) 23 Mar 2020 @ 13:46 CET