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3v3 P-WAR on BGH

20 May 2014 @ 04:10 CET

3v3 P-WAR on BGH

KoS-Templar says:

Hey all you Protoss Players. As history shows that Protoss is favored on BGH. So lets show people why Protoss is the Best race on BGH.

Prize: $150 to the winner.
Date: May 31 — June 1 at 19:00 CET


  • 8 Team event
  • First Come First Serve
  • 3 Players No Subs
  • Channel )v( @ ICCUP


  • MSL Sytle Bracket Play of Bo3
  • Semi Bo5
  • Finals Bo7


  • All players are subject to administrative discretion
  • All games must be played on Blizzard's Big Game Hunters
  • All registrations must be done th

New icons

13 May 2014 @ 22:10 CET

Dear players,

We recently have added about 30 new icons in our iCCup Web Store. They are all unique, on different subjects.




We plan to add more and more icons with the time. Watch our page for news. All new icons you can see in our Store.

New Flags

13 May 2014 @ 22:05 CET

To your attention — we have new unique special flags in our iCCup Store. They will bring more unique look to your profile, so go and get one.

[ Choose your favourite flag right now. ]

German Events

30 Apr 2014 @ 11:31 CET

German King of the Hill, Part 3 

A few months ago the German ReY pronounced himself as 'ruler of Germany'. What started as joke developed into a new show match series: The German King of the Hill. In the first edition Cryoc took down ReY with a clear 3-0 swipe, and defended his title against the German Terran TEH a month later.


On next Saturday, the 3rd May a new challenger will try to defeat the emperor. His name is less known today, but before the Beta ips.kab was one of the more important Ge


25 Apr 2014 @ 06:39 CET

The CLAN LEAGUE season 27 starts SATURDAY 26/04/2014, 17:00 CET

Sorry for late announcement

SC: ClanLeague s26 Champions

06 Apr 2014 @ 16:35 CET

International Federation of Untouchables

iCCup Congratulates the Clan
Russian FederationiFU. for having achieved rank#1 during the regular season and for having won the playoffs final!

Honor to Russian FederationiwL- for having disputed the opponents with a great show decided only at last 2x2 game.





Salvation Army vs insanity without Limits

Starcraft Clan League Finals

02 Apr 2014 @ 17:50 CET

YourLetters - A New Game

31 Mar 2014 @ 21:30 CET

The ICCup staff usually doesn't promote external games, projects or anything unrelated to the games we advertise and promote ourself. This time it's a little different, not only because the content we're going to write about is exciting, but because the developers were active members, contributors and sponsors of the Brood War community.


YourLetters — A New Chess/Scrabble Hybrid


The two Russians, who prefer to not be named at this point, combined the tactical aspects of round based games like Ch

Clan League - Playoffs

20 Mar 2014 @ 23:29 CET

A/B Tours Incoming

07 Feb 2014 @ 06:34 CET