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Interview with PULSAR

25 Jan 2019 @ 11:03 CET

iCCup.Liberty-: — Hello, please introduce yourself and tell a little about yourself. Do you work / study?

PULSAR:— Hi, my name is Dima, 23 years old, live in Ukraine. My hobbies are basketball, rock music, dota and bars. University graduated, I work at home in line with IT technology and web design.

iCCup.Liberty-: Very nice, I'm Yura.

— Please tell me how you came up with your nickname? I think everyone will be interested to know this)

PULSAR: — Funny question, because there were so many different options, someone thought it was a beer, someone — a brand of gasoline, etc.)

In fact, this is the name of a professional basketball team in my city, in which I spent a considerable chunk of time.

ps, I have KMS basketball;)

iCCup.Liberty-: I also thought it was a beer: D

— Do you do something not related to computers?

PULSAR: I worked at a coffee company, received considerable experience in addition to the fact that I love coffee

iCCup.Liberty-: Heh, agree! Let's  turn to iDL)

— Was it Hard? What game is remembered and why?

PULSAR: In general, we had strong teams on our way, but going to the first qualifications, we decided that we would play to the full and pick them up, and we would be able to rest and get ready for the holidays. Therefore, the desire + stimulus + good skill and teamwork of the team led to the fact that we took the Quays easily.

Well, I guess that the whole team remembered the game from the whole otika, who lost his chuiku, and having flown away in 15 minutes, played 0-10: D

iCCup.Liberty-: I agree with you about a good skill, can't argue with that)

— You got caught in the group against  «NiggaBand», and you won them, was it as easy as in the quarters?)

PULSAR: Much time has passed, the teams have dealt with the new map, played, found their heroes, their compositions. Because this game Sun NiggaBand, that everyone else will not be in 1 wicket, everywhere there will be a struggle and this is noticeable. The guys played well, maybe there was not enough communication, maybe team spirit and teamwork, who knows.

iCCup.Liberty-Yes, the struggle will be very tough :)

— Do you train with the team before iDL games? Making work on bugs after the game?

PULSAR: — Yes, we train, we are going to 5 on cm mode 1 time it happened and having played all the opponents, their team broke up after the first game. I guess until 2 times will be. And at the expense of mistakes, actions, we always pronounce it always, as during so after Skype, in a sensible and friendly tone)

iCCup.Liberty-It is wonderful!)

— Do you think you will reach the grand final of the iDL with the team?

PULSAR Well, we go only for the first place. And we have not shown even half of our capabilities!

iCCup.Liberty-: Your middle name is not accidentally «Confidence»?))))

— Thanks for agreeing to give an interview, we wish you and your team every success on iDL. Would you like to say hello to someone?

PULSAR:Thank you. Greetings to Elizabeth a.k.a Moonchild. She has a birthday soon. We wish her all the best! she deserved it, a very cool and kind person)!

avatar #1 HR iCCup.croboss 25 Jan 2019 @ 14:15 CET

Hope you like it! Cheers,

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