End of The Summer -Season 39

02 Sep 2019 @ 11:51 CET

It's time to take a summary of season 39 on iCCup. Many things happened in the three months which have passed. We had a very difficult time back in Dota. I sincerely hope that everyone remained alive, because as everyone knows, you need steel nerves to play DotA! #Human:)

What do we have here? More precisely, not so: “who's here?” According to the classics of the genre, the biggest profit will go to those who frantically sweated in all the rinks for three sweaty months. All platform holders. — Where are the top players? -We are in the clan! Everyone has his own favorites, but the overall test for TCP decides everything. Our situation is as follows:

TOP 5x5TOP 3x3
RUShocker2500 GUKaRaTeLb_RaKoB500 
EUPULSAR2000 RULos-_-Angeles400 
RUDontLoseHope1500 BYLucySon300 
FLAG13Netta-800 UZtps-Tanos250 
KG-JanDRo600 UZJ0CER200 
GB-Iam_Daler-500 BYDupekTop_pakoB200 
KGcomebackishere500 RUSMOKEDD.150 
NRRamario500 FLAG43AcoolA-150 
TMMedved500 RUD[A]H100 

Team NamePTSPrize

Streakers! How without them? Last time, the mafia of the AP-stickers tried to discredit -XLTB, and we almost deprived them of the pleasure of cutting caps for their work. This time everything is as it should be: Aptb & xltb mods. In general, everything is fair!

-xltb streakers-aptb streakers
NetherlandsKittyJunk (+50)500 Russian FederationUnknownPwned (+39)300 
TunisiaBludnik- (+49)400 Italy-Josefina (+39)200 
Russian FederationAdam( (+37)300 Russian FederationMiracl- (+38)100 
TunisiaTEMKE (+25)200 Russian Federationazizbek6246132 (+37)100 
#flags_dlg.byden (+20)100 Russian Federationorewek50349104 (+37)100 

5x5 ClearStats ArenaA  — couple of familiar nicknames. Their principle is simple — created thread, won, and close thread.

Top 5x5 Gladiators
Gladiator of Season 1x1

If at one end of the Internet someone is scribbling, it means that on the other hand someone is running out of patience, and anti-tapeworm accumulates in the statistics. But is it necessary to motivate the guys for success in the next season? Let's help them with a penny!

Netherlands-savana (-174)49 
Czech Republic-Daddy-_- (-109)49 
IsraelLVFT (-107)49 
USA5mepo4Ka- (-101)49 
Uzbekistantps-antispeed (-100)49 

Tournaments — a place where you can express yourself on one or another hero, having fought and won all who stand in your way. And the tournament «Favorites» this season has become the top three, and this:

Top tournaments DotA

iCCup — The forum is a place where you can relax, take part in contests, quizzes, all sorts of games, and maybe even win somewhere. Today we will talk about the most talented and active users of certain branches of the forum and Dota.

Forum NominationsDota Nominations
Lover Of The SeasonetoRoman.Farmer Of The SeasonsRussian Federation kakHaCTPOEHue
Forum Member Of The Seasons_kadavrPusher Of The SeasonsRussian FederationShocker
Fleymer Of The SeasonGospodin_Xa4eyGamer Of The SeasonRussian Federation QZebra18
Crane Of The Seasondajaal1Crab Of The SeasonUzbekistan TriTon666


Charisma, positivity, conciseness. All these qualities are inherent in each streamer. But each of them has its own individual traits, which form the streamer from it. Some play well, others comment well, some create a unique atmosphere on their stream. But the streamer of the season will be the person who has all these qualities combined! Only Massacre Season Streamer! #dotaitems_dlg.cheese

#Night Elf These were the results of the outgoing season with us, it's time to say goodbye, see you next season! :)

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