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How to Start Playing StarCraft?

Where can I download the game?

IMPORTANT: the new patches or Remastered are not compatible with ICCUP

If you want to play and ICCUP (v1.16.1) at the same time this is what you have to do:
— Let Blizzard install the latest app in his folder and Starcraft in the folder «Starcraft» (must be the exact name) and use it to play

— Create a new folder for the ICCUP version (not important name, I've used «Starcraft 1.16»)
— Download our client you find below and patch it to 1.16.1 
— Extract the Starcraft 1.16 files in the folder just created (doesn't require installation)
— Path the iCCup Launcher to Starcraft.exe you find in the 1.16 folder

Now you can alternate and ICCUP using the proper versions
If you do not have a StarCraft: Brood War client, download from our Full version of Starcraft BroodWar v1.16.1 
If your client is not patched to 1.16.1 the Antihack will not work, so please use the manual patch before logging in.

The first time you may have several graphics issues, read this topic to fix 'em Starcraft Techincal FAQ

How do I register an account at iCCup?

In order to play on iCCup, you must register for an account on the website. This account can be used to log in to both the server and the website. (remember the psw at beginning is the same, but can differ if you change it only in one side after the registration, on the server or the site)

Is the iCCup Launcher required? What if one player in the game does not use it?

No, the iCCup Launcher is optional however is necessary to gain extra points from winning on MOTW maps, also matches can not be guaranteed to be hack-free if not everyone uses the iCCup Launcher.

If I have any issue, how to contact Administration?

For anything you need use the Support Board: any kind of help or question, ladder points wrongly assigned, report hackers & abusers, report bad manners, etc.

An Admin did something wrong, what can I do?

You can open a complaint against admin, his super visor will review the case.

Are there special rules to play ICCUP?

Yes, we have Rules to guarantee an high quality of the game and fair play.
We also have special rules to play Ladder, Tournaments and Clan League.

Please remember that registering an account you confirm to have read and understood these rules and that you will abide by them, doesn't matter if you have read them or not.

How do I play Ladder?

iCCup features a ladder system that allows you to play with people across the world to gain points and climb up the ladder.
You must use iCCup maps from the StarCraft Official Map Pack and set the game mode to either One on One for 1x1 or Top vs Bottom for 2x2.
This is the table for the Rating System

Using the iCCup Launcher is highly recommended as many players will not accept other players who don't have the antihack enabled.

My password does not work, but I have never changed it, what now?

Bugs are always around, so don't worry: explain your issue to admins in the correct place Password Bug

Are third-party launchers allowed?

iCCup does not guarantee that third-party launchers will be compatible with our antihack system. As long as you do not gain a gameplay advantage, you may use third-party launchers at your own risk.

How do I become an admin?

We always need help, check in what section you can help and contact us sending the info required.

Tutorial: How to start play on iCCup (2009)