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Kaal ISL2

27 Jun 2011 @ 20:23 CET

Kaal ISL2


ISL artwork by the amazing HawaiianPig

Ladies and Gentlemen, the wait for a new Starleague is over, and KaalVeiten,, KoS-Templar, EleGant[AoV], rUSKIG, Trap, Megashira[AoV], a1k1a4k1, and Noise[AoV] are proud to present the Kaal International StarLeague for all the players outside Korea who want to put their dedication to BroodWar gaming to the test, and show their skills in the biggest BroodWar tournament of today! Without a doubt, this venture is a glowing ray of light in the darkness for BroodWar gamers, and demonstrates once and for all that BroodWar is alive and well, and is going to remain so for some time into the future!

The International Cyber Cup is proud to host this prestigious event on the Abyss server, where our team of highly-dedicated volunteers will ensure that the event is fair, free from abusers, and fun for everyone involved. To be clear, though, iCCup's administration will not interfere with the tournament proceedings in any way, and the event will retain it's independence. iCCup's administration will respect the wishes and rulings of the sponsors and tournament administration staff.

League Info

The Kaal ISL2 is going to include a huge player pool — 108 players will picked out from the ladder stage to compete in an MSL-style survivor tournament to compete for the lucrative 1,500$US prize pool! The league will start June 30th, and run all the way into October, so there will be plenty of hot, hot action to watch out for!

Ladder stage:

The ladder stage runs through June 30th until July 31st. At the request of the Tournament organizers, all matches played from August 1st through the remainder of the tournament will be played on US West on To qualify through the ladder stage, simply join the ISL2 team:

Kaal International Starleague Team

...and start laddering! Remember, the higher rank you achieve with your ISL2 account, the better chance you will have at making it into the survivor round! Your ISL2 account MUST contain the ISL2 tag in front of the ID, for example, if I were to make one, it could be any of these:

ISL2-NinaZerg, [ISL2]NinaZerg, ISL2.NinaZerg, etc.

You can potentially find games in channel: Op ISL

gl & hf with the ladder stage!

Additional Info


iCCup supports ISL2

The International Cyber Cup supports the Kaal ISL2, StarCraft: BroodWar and Broodwar players 100%. iCCup and are an important part of the StarCraft community outside of Korea, and we are dedicated to hosting events on the Abyss server, which comes with the benefit of LAN Latency, a friendly and dedicated volunteer Administration staff, and a counter-abuse team to weed out hackers and stat abusers. iCCup is opening to hosting any tournament that adheres to the rules and Terms Of Service of the Abyss server.

Kaal International StarLeague thread on (Please read this if you want to compete in this tournament!)
Sponsors: KaalVeiten,, KoS-Templar, EleGant[AoV], rUSKIG, Trap, Megashira[AoV], a1k1a4k1, Noise[AoV]

Artwork by: HawaiianPig

avatar #1 BE iFU.eOnzErG 27 Jun 2011 @ 21:14 CET

Gl all players on this amazing tour

avatar #2 FI taistO 27 Jun 2011 @ 21:14 CET

This is BIIIIG!!

avatar #3 BG NbTeam 27 Jun 2011 @ 22:11 CET

gl hf all players !

lest make SC again active !

avatar #5 GB EleGant[AoV] 28 Jun 2011 @ 00:33 CET

HF to everyone, Gonna be some epic stuff for players, and viewers alike.

avatar #6 BG sfv.never 28 Jun 2011 @ 03:33 CET

great job guys ,we need more tourney`s like this

gl to everyone in it :)

avatar #7 US YellowDeath 28 Jun 2011 @ 09:01 CET

so... I wonder if Scan will get banned again for abuse like in TSL2?

Proof --->

avatar #8 n-a 28 Jun 2011 @ 20:43 CET

No, Scan was not included in this tournament due to the wishes of the ISL2 staff.

avatar #9 RO mihaio07 28 Jun 2011 @ 10:03 CET

As long as Scan didn't abuse ISL1, there's no reason to ban him. However, one might want to make Scan pass on this one, since he is quite imbalanced, and 2.5 k going to one player in one year is quite unnatural.

avatar #10 n-a 28 Jun 2011 @ 20:46 CET

I would Scan is quite beatable, and there are a number of foreigners who could challenge him in this league, that is, if he were involved in it. Regardless of his conduct in ISL1, the ISL2 staff has decided not to include him in this league at their discretion.

avatar #11 CA Lion(OD) 28 Jun 2011 @ 13:44 CET

This is awesome ! Very huge huge thx to the sponsors for making such a fun and awesome tournament for the bw community.Thx alot !

avatar #12 BG AOS]icotuza 28 Jun 2011 @ 13:55 CET

If scan not playing - it will be super stuped tour.After 1/4 final we will watch only zvp zvz pvp.Terran is bad and don't mutilate him!He and heme are only two players who can play with this race

avatar #13 SE rUsKIG 28 Jun 2011 @ 14:00 CET

Good luck all~ gogo fighting ; ]

avatar #14 RO sFv.caStle 28 Jun 2011 @ 20:01 CET

Dont forget to shout out special thnx to KoS-Templar, EleGant[AoV], rUSKIG, Trap, Megashira[AoV], a1k1a4k1

avatar #15 n-a 28 Jun 2011 @ 21:00 CET

lol, castle ... have you read the first paragraph of the article?

avatar #16 US drone[AnBu] 29 Jun 2011 @ 00:20 CET

are ladder stage replays going to be shared for free to everyone this time?

avatar #17 KR Scan 29 Jun 2011 @ 01:36 CET

I want to play but will LRM) members let me? Lol.

avatar #18 PL Ketesh 29 Jun 2011 @ 10:56 CET

Another brilliant idea to make sc:bw scene grow stronger again!

avatar #19 DE GriNdL 29 Jun 2011 @ 14:53 CET

@Scan I hope they'll, otherwise we wont see some gosu games :)

avatar #20 CA [KiDCaNaDa] 29 Jun 2011 @ 15:25 CET

Scan :
I want to play but will LRM) members let me? Lol.

Read up, I don't think you are eligible to play in this tour.

avatar #21 BG lrjdk 29 Jun 2011 @ 23:05 CET

No Korean IP addresses. I think scan can play.

avatar #23 CA [KiDCaNaDa] 30 Jun 2011 @ 00:32 CET

iccup.nina :
I would Scan is quite beatable, and there are a number of foreigners who could challenge him in this league, that is, if he were involved in it. Regardless of his conduct in ISL1, the ISL2 staff has decided not to include him in this league at their discretion.

read that o,O

avatar #24 BG AOS]icotuza 30 Jun 2011 @ 08:21 CET

Тhe most stupid thing I've ever heard.The champion no right to defend his title :O

avatar #25 BG lrjdk 30 Jun 2011 @ 08:45 CET

To SIL2 staff: pls this year Lrm)Game directly on final. He is the "best" player, and he don't need to play clafication. Go Go Game

avatar #26 BE iFU.eOnzErG 30 Jun 2011 @ 09:52 CET

well this meam the champion can be any,not clear favorite right now. but sad for him,we all know his is the best player :)

avatar #27 n-a 30 Jun 2011 @ 18:16 CET

@Lrjdk what? And yea its good to hear he won't be able to play since it is a foreigner tour so much more hype then first isl just cuz of that. Also curious of what we can expect as commentators? The same people I am thinking that game can't co-commentate with sayle cuz of his bm attitude; so that also makes me wonder will game be in charge of ladder stage or will someone else?. Regardless, I am looking forward to this event and maybe an isl 3 that can rival the already past tsl 3 . dance.gif

avatar #28 n-a 30 Jun 2011 @ 18:28 CET

Got an idea why not have a minor league for every rank to play in like MIL D team or something and make them tourney based just with a bit more points given to the winner.

avatar #29 BG NbTeam 06 Jul 2011 @ 09:41 CET

gj fLip ! top #1 isl2 till now B+ is done !!