EU Tournament Rules 5x5

Rules special 5x5 Tour's:

 iCCup ClearStats Arena 5x5 Tournament 
 iCCup 5x5 Reverse Tournament
 iCCup Random Mirror 5x5 Tournament
 iCCup Captain Draft 5x5 Tournament
 iCCup Battle For Roshan Tournament

Rules regular  5x5 Tour's:

I. General Information:

Tournament type: 5x5.

Game mode:  Captain Mode (-cm).

Map: Last map on EU1 bot.

Tournament format: Single Elimination.

Max number of players: Sets by EU Tournaments SA.

How to create the game:

/chost dota

/chost dotaref (Observers: EU Tournaments admins or people who were admitted by EU Tournaments SA).

/chost dotaobs (Observers: EU Tournaments admins, official streamers of the tournament or people who were admitted by EU Tournaments SA).

II. Replacements:

2.1 You can make only 2 replacements in the tournament but you must inform administration about it. Replacement player must be added to the team before start of the game. If your squad list will be differentyou'll be disqualified.

2.2 Also you can make the reverse replacement. This will not be considered an additional replacement for the tournament. Each team is fully responsible for their players-substitutions: if the administration has approved a replacement, and then found out that the the replacement player has already played for the other team or is in Black Liste — command will not be punished under the rules.

III. It's prohibited to:

3.1 Insult or provocative.

3.2 Skip the tournament or game:

  • For 1st(or 2nd) round there is 20 minutes of free time for subsequent rounds — 15 minutes.
  • You can take additional time from the tournament's administration(No more than 15 minutes).

3.3 Deceive or to confuse the judge, or refusal to comply with the requirements of the administration.

3.4 Use programs or scrypts which give you advantages in the game (like meepokey or invoker key, etc.).

3.5 Give mute to your enemy or observer of the game. Also you can't write messages which look like as message of mute.

3.6 Upload wrong replays in the tournament's grid.

  • If you give good replay after that moment when you uploaded wrong replay — you won't be disqualified.
  • If enemy team have no questions in first 15 minutes — disqualification can be canceled.

3.7 Contain players in the team, who has already played in another team or that players who are in Black List(including another account).

  • You can avoid the punishment if you make a replacement.

3.8 Unsportsmanlike behavior (deception, sabotage, provocation, etc.).

3.9 Participate from an account that was registered less than 14 days ago (Tournaments SA can give a right to play).

IV. Game rules:

4.1 If you can't arrange with your enemy about bot and lat you must play on this bot with this lat:

/bot EU1

-l 35

4.2 If you've just played for the Sentinel, in the next round you'll play for the Scourge. If it happened that you and your enemy just played for one side — you must type -roll and that player whose number will be higher will, chose a side.

4.3 All players are required to enter the lobby under the nicknames indicated during registration for the tournament. If the nickname doesn't correspond to the stated, it's considered that the team didn't come with all the staff and can be punished for failure to appear. It's also prohibited to transfer the account to go under other people's nicknames, if it will be noticed — the whole team can be penalized up to disqualification!

4.4 The duration of the game — until determine the winner.

4.5 The winner of the game is those player who will destroy enemy castle or force him to surrender.

4.6 If you or your allie use bugs or hacks — you will be disqualified.

4.7 Creepskip is allowed. But after end of the spell next wave of creeps must go. If the line stops completely it is a violation.

4.8 Backdoor is allowed.

4.9 It's prohibited to take items of allie who left from the game but you can sell them for the all team or use his hero.

4.10 If the game restarts it must be created with the same heroes, lines and items on -ap mode.

4.11 If you can't solve a problem by yourself — write to administration of the tournament.

4.12 There is no limit for items.

4.13 Unfair game is: using hacks or programs which can hack the game.

4.14 In case of violation of the rules by the participant, depending on the severity of the violation, a warning can be issued, a technical defeat in the tournament or an account ban with subsequent disqualification can be counted.

V. Disconnect and restart of the game:

5.1 If the player has problems with connection and he has been disconnected and while there was no first blood and 5 minutes of playing time have passed, the team has the right to restart the game up to 3 times.

5.2 The game restrarts on mode -ap with the same heroes, lines and items.

5.3 Tournaments SA has the right to allow restart if there was FB, but the time in the game is less than 10 minutes

5.4 The game can be restarted no more than3 times per round.

VI. Pause rules:

6.1 Pause limit for 1 game — 10 minutes.

6.2 You can cancel pause only when both players are agree.

6.3 If the opponent has exceeded the time limit of the pause —  it's allowed to cancel it without his agree but after a message that you want to cancel it.

6.4 It's prohibited to set pause on pick stage.

6.5 It's prohibited to set pause during the attack of the throne/tree.

IX. Notes:

7.1 All partipating teams is responsible for reading and observing the rules. The administration of the tournament is not responsible for the ununderstanding of the rules of tournament. Also, the administration has the right to add the rules in the course of the tournament and can take any actions, if they don't contradict the rules.

7.2 Participate the tour with prefix iCCup allowed only with right Super Admin Tournament Section.

7.3 All claims for the result of games are accepted for consideration within 20 minutes after the game (gaming on the basis of viewing the replay), if no claims are made within the specified period, the result of the games isn't reviewed.

7.4 Super admin tournament section can prohibit participation in the tournament or disqualify a team without an explanation the reason.

7.5 Administration has the right to treat disputable issues that are not specified unequivocally in there rules, at its own discretion and decide on punishments and recovery, guided by life experience and common sense.

7.6 Tournaments Super admin can delete a tournament if less than 10% of the maximum number of participants in the tournament.