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StarCraft & Dota EU Head Admin
BG iCCup.s0Ldi3R [ StarCraft & Dota EU Head Admin ]
  • 21 Jul 2020 @ 17:51 CET
  • 03 Dec 2012
#1 Posted: 16 Nov 2017 @ 23:55 CET quote
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Dear community,

The iCCup team is recruiting Game chat moderators / Content Moderation Admins (aka Bad Manners admins) responsible for polite and mannered language in the game chats and site comments.

Main duties are:

- Review replays in the Support boards and mute/ban for specific time the offenders.

- Follow / check the site comments in the News section and forums for offensive language.

If you have desire to join our warm team,

please leave me a private message with your data (name, age, main interests, how much time are you on iccup, any previous experience, etc.) or write down in this topic (better use PM if you send private information).

King Regards,

iCCup Team

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