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#1 Posted: 16 May 2014 @ 20:02 CET  

For all the technical issues we don't use this forum anymore, it's mandatory to use the Clan Support Center

Special Cases:

Create Team channel / Autojoin: (Only the Clan Leader can make this request)

If you need your own Team Channel or Need Op for your Team, even 'autojoin' function open a ticket in the Clan Support with these info:

1. Link at iCCup Clan page

2. Name of the channel you would like to have

3. Name of two operators for the channel (they must be members of the clan)

Clan icon:

Will be allowed to access this feature, only the clan that have played in clan league for 3 season or more.

Icons format have to be TGA, size [email protected]

This can frustrate new clans made of old player, but this rule is here to prevent any abuse. and also to avoid having unused icons.

iCCup CLaW Admins.

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