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  • 20 Nov 2022 @ 14:33 CET
  • 25 Dec 2020
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In a recent survey, it was found that 25 percent of the women interviewed

reported drying and burning of the skin after using certain soaps, ten percent had

eye and nasal irritations after using certain perfumes, and eight percent had cracked

lips after using certain lipsticks. The most common symptoms of allergic dermatitis

are extremely dry skin, scaling, and redness with swelling and itching. The products

most likely to cause this condition are lipstick, nail polish, soap, hair preparations,

deodorants, and perfumes. Various drugs are being developed for the relief of

allergy sufferers. However, your best help is to convert to a cosmetic product to

which you have no harmful reaction. Remember that the product is not at fault or in

any way injurious; it is your particular sensitivity to it that creates the problem. A line

of hypo-allergenic cosmetics that are relatively free from substances that have been

found to create allergic reactions is on the market.

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