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#16 Posted: 15 Oct 2017 @ 15:06 CET  

Another glorious day for iccup admins.

Report guy that hides my items in forest, rewatch replay and give accurate time of hiding items in report.

Get message back from iccup admin "this did not effect the outcome of the game"

-> dude hide my linkens

-> we lost throne because enemy thrall use glyph on our leoric and send him back to sentinel base(he was pushing and tp to defend throne)

So linkens could definitely not have changed the outcome of this game.

Report 3-16 feeding bara

Get message from iccup admin "time?"

I write back -> "just watch random 5 minutes he has 3-16 can't pinpoint time on that feed"

Message from admin -> "i don't have time to watch random 5 min, time?"

Yeah let's pinpoint a 3-16 feed gg wp no re thx.

Wonderfull how report works. I get reported for a random hook without impact and get lock acc for 90 days.

Guy hides my linkens with full game impact and i get a response "this did not impact game".

Good Fucking Game Well Played iccup admins.

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#17 Posted: 21 Oct 2017 @ 03:54 CET  

omg, I love these rusians and admins, they usually ban everyone who is not rusian.

my main from beta test (season nr 0) got banned permanently also for little mistake, while one rusian was ruining game.

BONUS my reports also got no effect at all, but when I got reported problems start happening even within the same day o_O


That trashdmin should be banned permanently, but that's impossible because of corruption here xD

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