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Moon in WeMade FOX

19 Mar 2009 @ 08:01 CET



As known Superstar of Warcraft 3 ‘Moon’, Jae-Ho Jang got to go on WeMade FOX with joining ceremony on 12th Mar


Progame-team WeMade FOX  of WeMade Entertainment held a joining ceremony with attracting Warcraft 3 superstar Jae-Ho ‘Moon’ Jang on 12th Mar, proclaimed jumping of global esports progame-team.


As known ID ‘Moon’, Jae-Ho Jang has titles of Korea esports winning award 3 times, 2008 esports Award player of the year, also being constituted Beijing Olympic flame-bearer etc.., is in the limelight by ‘Korean-wave Star of esports.  


A joining ceremony was taken part owner of WeMade FOX ‘Su-Gil Seo’ including a head leader ‘Young-Hwa Kim, head coach ‘Yang-Jung Kim’ etc…,congratulating ‘Moon’ joining FOX team, was going on contract sign and the uniform presentation ceremony.


In a press interview, Jae-Ho Jang said “It is honored with belonging Korea progame-team for Korean. As setting good circumstance of playing, I will reward all of things to fans and FOX team by making lots of winning titles at tournament in 2009.


WeMade FOX head leader Young-Hwa Kim said “Joining Jae-Ho Jang as well world famous progamer will be encouraged a global strategy of WeMade FOX. And Fox have a plan to support players a lot who have an ability for branching out the world, of course Jae-Ho Jang.


Eventually, WeMade FOX is born again global esports progame-team, owning Starcraft team, Counter-Strike team, Warcraft 3 team with 3 game team line-up.


Jae-Ho Jang who begin to formal activity by belonging WeMade FOX, will join the training camp and be all set to the next game tournament after having a little adaptation period. 


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