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Advertising on iCCup — very easy! You don't need to contact the site owner to find out the opportunity to advertise or ask a million questions, all of this takes too much time. Instead, we suggest you do it all in 3 simple steps:

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24 000

455 000


 40 000

1 282 000


315 000

11 153 000

1. Click on an empty space in an advertisement area. 

Find an advertising area yourself by clicking on an empty space in the advertisement area on our portal. After clicking on the space, you will get to our advertising page.

2. Downloading an advertising banner. 

Download a ready-made advertising banner and fill out the three text fields. 

Your banner should be 468x60 px in GIF, JPG, PNG, or SWF format and the file size should not exceed 70 kb.

 Geographical Activitiy
3. Pay.

Choose your payment method and then pay for advertising. We accept payment via WebMoney, RoboKassa, Yandex-money, and even credit cards! Convenient, easy and most importantly:

After the payment, your ad will be instantly placed in your selected area.


Our advertising areas:

 Advertising AreaPriceAdvertise

 Side Banner 240х400 px

 Dynamic displays, over 80,000 hits per day!

 1000 Hits — 19 Rubles

 30 Days — 9999 Rubles

 Center Banner 468х60 px

 Dynamic displays, over 140,000 hits per day!

 1000 Hits — 14 Rubles

 30 Days — 6999 Rubles

 Top Banner 468х60 px

 Highly clickable, dynamic displays, and over 140,000 hits per day!

 30 Days — 9999 Rubles

 Top Banner 240х400 px

 Highly clickable, dynamic displays, and over 140,000 hits per day!

 30 Days — 14999 Rubles

For all other advertising related matters, contact us at: [email protected]