StarCraft Ladder Rules

1. Reports

     1.1 Reports have to be done in English

     1.2 All violations of the rules concerning ladder games have to be reported using the Support Board  Read more

     1.3 Spamming automatic or manual reports and/or harassing admins to priorize the case is forbidden; Punishment: lockacct and/or ip ban

     1.4 The requests for further explainations or complaints about admin's decisions can be posted in the Complaint Against Admin Forum


2. Game Settings

     2.1 Only games played using these settings are detected and counted by server

                      • Game version: StarCraft: BroodWar 1.16.1
                      Map version: Last official pack
                      Game mode: One on One for 1v1 matches, Top vs Bottom for 2v2 matches. Top vs Bottom 2vs6 mode for Hunters
                      Game speed: Fastest

     2.2 Games detected as ladder not following these settings (example 1v1 played on tvb or replay bug) can be reported and deleted

     2.3 Punishments for intentional abuse of system errors of the ladder games detection:
           First offense: clearstats
           Second offense: clearstats + lockacct

     2.4 These cases can also be reported in the Report Abusers Support Board



3. Bugs, Glitches and Tricks

     3.1 Allowed bugs

                      Drops to defuse Mines
                      Pressing-through of Units (not to be mistaken for 'Cargo Glitch' or 'Gas Walk')
                      Mineral Walk
                      Manner Pylon
                      Lurker 'Hold' Position
                      Observer-over-Turret (easy fixable pressing stop on the turret)
                      Stacking air units

     3.2 Illegal bugs

                      Bug which allows ground units to remain stacked while moving or attacking
                      Allied Mines
                      Gas Walk, to get through blocked entrances or ramps (an incredibly common Bug, using a shift-click on gas near opponent’s
                        blocked entrance to slide through any Unit)
                      • Shift-Queue to slide through any Unit blocking the ramp (mostly used at beginning with the first scouting)
                      Cargo Glitch (allows Worker Units to be pressed through any obstacle by repeatedly pressing Hotkey 'C', to return cargo)

     3.3 Punishments for using illegal bugs imply a total reverse of the game (if the abuser win):
           First offense: 1 week lockacct
           Second offense: clearstats + 1 week lockacct
           Third offense: clearstats + lockacct


4. Hacks and Third Party Tools

     4.1 It's forbidden to use any software that gives any advantage over other players, all hacks included

     4.2 Third party tools such as DoxStar, Obs Mode or APM Live are allowed at own risk. Administration recommend not to use them.

     4.3 Rigged Maps (maps with altered characteristics) are strictly prohibited

     4.4 Punishment: clearstats + lockacct + ip ban


5. Stats Abuse

     5.1 It's forbidden to transfer stats during a game to save statistics; Punishment: clearstats + lockacct on the giving account +
           clearstats on the receiving account

     5.2 It's forbidden to clearstats during a game to cheat the points detection system; Punishment: clearstats + lockacct

     5.3 It's forbidden to transfer or clearstats if the system hasn't detected the end of the game yet. If transfer or clearstats have been
           done before the game end has been recorded, it will be punished like for transfering/clearing stats during a game

     5.4 Friendly transfer is forbidden; Punishment: clearstats + lockacct on the receiving account + warnings on the giving account

     5.5 It's forbidden to play ladder games with the intent to give other players free points; Punishment: clearstats + lockacct

     5.6 These cases can also be reported in the Report Abusers Support Board


6. Playing against the same Player

     6.1 It's forbidden to play against the same player more than:

               • no limit between E to B+ if no abuses detected
               • 9 games in 24h between A- to Olympic

     6.2  Punishments:
            First offense: games limit exceeding deleted + warnings
            Second offense: clearstats + lockacct

     6.3 It's strictly forbidden to play a ladder game against a player with the same IP (if LAN play melee or ums);
           Punishment: clearstats + lockacct

     6.4 These cases can also be reported in the Report Abusers Support Board


7. Fair Play

• Backstabbing

In team games it's forbidden to change the allied settings of the current team. If a player unally his current team mate in a 2v2 game and/or ally with the opposing team, the game itself will be delete; Punishment: clearstats + lockacct

• 2 min mark:

It's forbidden to leave the game under 2 minutes in a situation that would imply any disadvantage; for example a player scouts and sees unfavorable build to him like 5 pool or a proxy rush or for taking gas where usually terran players leave the game; Punishment: -250 points for penalty and game points fixed giving the loss to the leaving player and the win to the other

• Bad Manner:

Insults, flames and other negative behaviour are strictly prohibited. These violations have to be reported only using the Report BM Support Board; Punishment: chatban

• Wasting time:           

Artificially stretching a game by hiding pylons, floating buildings and other ways  for no strategical purpose is strictly prohibited (leaving the game to avoid wasting of time and report to be refunded is allowed);
: clearstats + 1 week lockacct

• Pause:

Unpausing the game is allowed, but it's recommended to give opponents a fair pause time and continue the game


8. Disconnections

     8.1 If the system doesn't assign the points or doesn't detect the game because a player disconnected it's possible to report it using the
           Rating & Points Support Board:

               if the dropped player has clearly won the game, the stats of both players will be properly fixed
               • if the dropped player hasn't clearly won neither lost, he will be refunded
               • if the dropped player has clearly lost, the report will be denied
               • in case of manual report and the dropped player has clearly lost, the stats of both players will be properly fixed

     8.2 In team games if the ally drop and the player still play the game and lose it, both the players have no right to report to be refunded.
           The report is accepted only with the full replay and if the player left the game immediately after the drop of his ally

     8.2 Intentional disconnections are forbidden; Punishment: clearstats + lockacct


9. Shared Accounts

     9.1 Shared accounts are forbidden; Punishment: clearstats + lockacct

     9.3 These cases can also be reported in the Report Abusers Support Board




Note: Administration reserves the right to alter these rules in special cases.