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Rule Updates

17 Dec 2012 @ 11:26 CET

The staff updated a few rulings as response to previous problems and in order to make life better for all parties involved.

Tournament Update: Smurfs

10. Publicity Principle ('Smurfing')

10.1 Open tournaments are available to all players, regardless of their highest rank. Ranked Tours are closed to players whose points on any account exceeds the maximum designated value of points.

Exemplary cases:

A player has two accounts: Account A with 5500 points and Account B with 4.700 points. He may join a C-/C/C+ rank tour with any of them.

A player has two accounts: Account A with 2400 points and Account B with 3200 points. He may not join a D-/D/D+ rank tour with any of the accounts.

10.2 The designated amount of points for ranked tournaments can be changed if not enough players sing up for the tour. Any changes will be announced before the tournament starts. The pay-in can be refunded in these cases.

10.3 If rule 10.1 is being broken, the user will be punished with the clearstats command and a 672 hour (4 week) chatban for the first offense. A permanent ban will be issued for the second offense and a permanent IP Ban for the third.

The anti-smurfing rule was introduced around a year ago and was our first attempt to get rid of players constantly abusing the Red Rank Tournaments. A number of red rank users complained about different users that participated in these, even though their skill level would allow them to take part in tournaments designed for advanced users.

It worked quite well in the beginning, but several other problems were caused by this rule. We will now not punish any players, that 'forgot' to sign up with their highest account — if the highest account is still in the point range the tournament was designed for. Since there are still players that try to smurf the D Ranks in order to win a seemingly 'easy' tournament we will hand out severe punishments. Do not try to tease the staff on this issue.


Clan League and Wars


12. Wildcards


12.5 You must inform your opponents about the slot you're postponing.

12.6 The player originally set in the line up may not be changed for the postponed match.


22. Playoffs:

22.1 — The player participating in the playoff match, must play at least one CL game during the ongoing Clan League season or be signed up in the team's roster for at least one previous season, that shows in player's gaming profile.

22.2 — The games may not be postponed.


Also, all clan leaders should be aware that we added a Black List on the forum. Every player that is mentioned there must not be involved with ICCup related events. If a player mentioned on this list is being caught using any service of this page and server again, we will punish the team. If any of them are commentating on a third party page with the knowledge of the team leaders in a negative and condescenting way, we will also take appropriate actions.


We plan to launch the season starting on January the 5th. Schedules, maps and other tasks are being prepared. We apologize for the delay. However, we're going to host a tournament especially for all participating clans in between the 25th and the 31st December, details and info will be released very shortly.


All rules are effective immediately.


the ICCup Brood War Admin staff

avatar #1 RU fr.eminusnoob 17 Dec 2012 @ 11:40 CET


avatar #2 JM iiN.Glockl0 17 Dec 2012 @ 11:50 CET

"" We plan to launch the season starting on January the 5th. ""

Means we really are NOT in season #26 iCCup ?? I knew it heheh (:

But an admins did msg this in the beginning ... hmm whats the truth ? ;D

avatar #3 DE iccup.geckoxp 17 Dec 2012 @ 12:02 CET

I don't quite get what you're saying. Clan League Season and Ladder Season are something different.

avatar #4 PL Ketesh 17 Dec 2012 @ 12:24 CET

Im still againts that.. We dont hav e enought players to be picky! If there are players better than me on my rank then ill take the head on for geting better skill. Complaints about better opponents is showing only one thing, that certain ppl are afraid of truth called defeat... =[

avatar #5 DE iccup.geckoxp 17 Dec 2012 @ 13:07 CET

We have for the lower ranks. Better players will get their shot as well in tournaments hosted especially for them.

avatar #6 RU iFU.ZerGgBoY 17 Dec 2012 @ 13:44 CET

I am teamleader and many other teamleaders will confirm 1 thing. Some players in teams are VIP.

They aint practicing or coming CW's during the season, but they used to be active and gosu, and they played for a team for years.

Now real life is more important. But with ur rule about 1 obligatory game during the season to they cant participate in playoffs for their team...

They are trusted, gosu, VIP players for team. I dont see any reason why they cant play at playoffs.

Think of it, cause there are not that much players left in BW. We need keep them.

avatar #7 DE iccup.geckoxp 17 Dec 2012 @ 13:48 CET

"The player participating in the playoff match, must play at least one CL game during the ongoing Clan League season or be signed up in the team's roster for at least one previous season, that shows in player's gaming profile."

- This means he or she will be allowed to play IF they have been part of the team for the ongoing season and the season before, regardless of their activity during the ongoing season. If they are trusted, VIP and whatnot, they are probably in the team for longer, no? This is meant to prevent short-term transfers in the very last two weeks before the playoffs (see Kidca issues in the past season) will take place, not to punish long term members. If, and only if, there are questions and cases in this very special case we can still discuss it. I personally see no problem there. I hope that helps to clear up the situation for you.

avatar #8 RU iFU.ZerGgBoY 17 Dec 2012 @ 13:49 CET

1 more thing.

I understand u are trying to make ur job easier by setting players in draw, so that u wont have to modify brackets and save ur time if other player comes for a pp game.

But this will result in multiple W.O.s, wine, cryes, etc. Reason is same... BW is old and players not that active to come with 100% sure for a game they got for pp.

So... if u wanna keep the league playable ... CANSEL this the player originally set in the line up may not be changed for the postponed match.

avatar #9 RU iFU.ZerGgBoY 17 Dec 2012 @ 13:51 CET

Plz get me right. I am leading the team for many years already... and i play BW for 12+ years in various leagues. i got the bad and good experience. i recommend u use my advices.

avatar #10 US Ryder[PaiN] 17 Dec 2012 @ 14:15 CET

I have to agree with iFU.ZerGBoY on the wildcard issue. If say we put our player A in slot 1, then other team PP that match. Our player A is there at clan league to play at 17 cet on right day right time. Player A has plan to leave town/has test w/e wont be online for a week. Why should we not be able to sub another member in this case? We would have to take a walkover because other team member was not available when we were ready at correct time? This seems unfair.

avatar #11 BG iCCup.s0Ldi3R 17 Dec 2012 @ 18:04 CET

We are open for such discussions. We will keep discussing the rules and changing them at any time if necessary for the good of league.

avatar #12 DE iccup.geckoxp 17 Dec 2012 @ 18:33 CET

This is one of the rules that are more or less "anything we do, we will do wrong". There apparently were enough complaints about leaders exploiting a postponed slot, trying to abuse the forced postponed game and change both players to get a better substitute than they originaly planned. I see where you're coming from and we'll review that if it really does cause problems. Generally speaking: if there are postponements we will always rule in favour of the clans that had time at the originally scheduled play day. A wildcard or postponed game, in my eyes, should never be used to gain an advantage, only as emergency solution if a player can't show up.

At some point, especially for Division a, we have to assume that the participating clans are aware a) when the matches are played and b) can organize themselves well enough to actually play. Please also understand that these changes are in no way making our life easier - changing players is a matter of seconds - it's there to deal with issues the clans brought to our attention.

avatar #13 CH iCCup.gRyphY 17 Dec 2012 @ 20:27 CET

iCCup.geckoxp answered about all the essence of the new rules and I don't think it would need more clarification, but there's just one thing I'd like to point out: all CL rules I write I based upon the kind of complaints we get each season, which seemingly have no correct solution. The new rules are made for these cases to happen as seldom as possible, because those complicated situations arise due to the lack of rules. By no means they are written to save time for admins, but to prevent abuse and the "no-win situations."

The playoff rule I brought back because of defeat.kidca issue. Joining 3 days before playoffs is a joke, but the old rule was unfair too, because of exactly the kind of situation iFu.ZerGgBoY said - this is why I completed the rule and adjusted it for the old members in team.

And the one with the postpones is the favourite way of some teams to abuse. The team that did it all the time was defeat. - a very bright and clear example of this rule's violation. In fact, I received many complaints about them changing players for the PP game - dig out some CL sticked thread about season 21.

avatar #14 NL ifu.Razorflame 18 Dec 2012 @ 12:16 CET

Are you really serius about the PP rule? With this rule you both penalise teams since sometimes you just don't have enough players for the event and you are forced to use a PP slot WITHOUT knowning if any of your players can actually play on a certain day (this counts for both teams meaning that if both teams had PLAYERS avaible after the CW and both not have played yet in the CW are unuseable because you have set in another player in the draw this is just LOL

Don't get me wrong not a single team likes a PP match It would be so much better if you just adjust the rule like this

that if a team has enough players on the current CW and the opposing team has also then there can't be any PP

however if both teams don't have enough players make 1 PP slot avabile per team and let them substitute them with any other player that is listed on the team. This making finising ACTUAL CW's faster then let admins to it imho

and for teams that are waiting forever to get a subbed player in just force a 3 DAY rule that the pp match has to be played

then teamcaptains will discus with the other teamleader what day is best then make a SS of that post it in the CL thread and see which teams comes making sure an ADMIN is in that channel so we don't get hassletaffle with walkovers

avatar #15 RU iFU.ZerGgBoY 18 Dec 2012 @ 13:02 CET

Everything is a lot easier...

1) Just cansel pp games...

2) make a standard time for pp game to be played

(like 1 hour earlier then ICCUPCL of the next weekend start) = (16 00 cet next Saturday) and ANY player from team can play pp match, except those who already played in that CW)

avatar #16 US Ryder[PaiN] 18 Dec 2012 @ 13:46 CET

This last suggestion makes sense.

avatar #17 US Ryder[PaiN] 18 Dec 2012 @ 13:52 CET

There are some members of teams, like myself.. that hold admin spots in clans and do not game. To force ANY player that happens to be online for a team to play out a spot and throw away wildcarding would just be handing out a free win to other team. For this reason I don't agree with the suggestion put forth by iFU.Razorflame.

avatar #18 NL ifu.Razorflame 19 Dec 2012 @ 13:16 CET

yes but both teams suffer from that result and leaving alot of pp matches away :)

avatar #19 CA Lion(OD) 23 Dec 2012 @ 18:58 CET

PP should be removed its only been abused all day.Why should a team who has enouth players at original clanwar time have to take wo loss for a match if they have no player to play at pp new date time.I think pp should only be allowed if both teams agree on it.

Anyway i agree with zergboy just leave the pp as it is.Anyone who has not yet played 1v1 in the clanwar to be able to play the pp.

avatar #20 ID n.Rique_ 03 Jan 2013 @ 08:57 CET