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ICCup Awards Voting

26 Dec 2012 @ 21:30 CET


The year is coming to its end and therefore it should be time to go through a bit of what happened thus far. Actually, it was so much that it's really hard to go through all of the events — even though there's already a quite good time line at Liquipedia. However, we do want to have a bit more spotlight on our scene. In the context of our who is who series, we now try to give credit where credit is due. The ICCup Brood War staff decided to let you vote what moved you the most — after all everyone likes to give his or her opinion.

We'll have ten different categories for you to vote on; each winner will get an award, worth nothing in money but over 9000 points on the e-penis scale. Every category is explained first, except those that are self explaining; you'll find a list of nominated players, teams and pages underneath, an explanation why we picked them in a spoiler. Be warned, it's quite a lot to read!


Player of the Year


ArgentinaSzikyRussian FederationDewalt



---+--- Spoiler ---+---

Scan, known to be the enfant terrible of the scene, recently won the second Chinese OSL, a couple of defiler tours and would still lead the ICCup Event Ranking if it wasn't for his inactivity in international events — by far.

Sziky won the most gold medals in the Defiler Tournaments in the past two years, showed his skill against the likes of Pusan, took down Doctor.K for the Foreign All-Star Team and thus saved us from being white-washed. On top he basically made sure his team sas would win the Gambit Cup 3 Round 1, won the ISL 3 and basically ate any challenger for breakfast.

TechnicS, one of the most experienced players in this poll, had a quite weird start into this year, where he lost relatively fast to Napoleon in the XSplit finals. Nonetheless, especially in the past two months the Bulgarian showed that he is a serious threat to anybody and only few can indeed make him sweat.

dOTY, one of the few Protoss in the list, doesn't play much; but if he does he shows no mercy — regardless of his or his opponent's reputation. A man to be feared, if only he would play more...

The coach, aka. eOnzErG, really improved throughout the year. Not only did he win multiple of defiler's tournaments, but hit the 1400 point mark on FISH just on this very day. He even made it to #1 in our ELO rating but had to give it to Sziky after a bunch of losses. The new king of ICCup CL really has a chance to be considered «best foreigner».

Dewalt played everywhere and with good results. Even though he took a break every now and then, he was able to win the Defiler Tour 40 and defended his crown again a week later. Speaking of crowns and hills — he is also the current King of the Russian KOTH and on a killing spree!

Michael is a bit of an outsider; due to him being from North America he only rarely took part in events, but when he did, he left a trail of corpses behind him. His off races might be the best in the international scene, his strategies might be a lot more thought through than you usually see — definitely a worthy contender!

The last one is the mustache Zerg himself: Bakuryu. In the first half of the year he was one you could count on; one of the most active players, an opponent you don't want to face early on, because he knows no fear. The hero of Nina's Abyss Attack, winner of several Defiler Tournaments and probably the most liked and friendly tutor you will ever have the chance to meet.


Best Terran


KoreaTerrorRussian FederationBiggus
CanadaBibianeRussian FederationTTF
BulgariaGargoyleRussian FederationRamms
ArgentinaskzlimeRussian FederationLargo


---+--- Spoiler ---+---

Terror is one of the few players with more than 150 official games in the ELO rating and among the best there are. In the first half of the year he was a serious threat in the Defiler Tours, won for his team Nb. / SJ. / UED and went after everyone who dared to play him.

Bibiane is a player not known to many of those that are not too familiar with the North American scene. He didn't play a lot, but made it very far in the ISL 3 and showed that this was not a one time achievement later on in Gambit Cup.

Gargoyle is yet another of Russia's hidden talents. We never knew of him until he started to show up for Defiler Tours on sundays and won a couple of them. Actually, he is in the Top 10 of the overall Defiler Tour winners. A coincidence? We don't think so.

Skzlime from Hungary came back after a period of inactivity and showed that you should not have forgotten him. An all-kill against LRM, good results in Defiler Tournaments — who else could brag with this?

The last four are again Russians. Russia seems to breed Terrans in secret caves under the earth. All showed great results in ICC CL, Gambit Cup, Nation Wars and Defiler Tournaments, not to mention the Russian LANs, we had the pleasure to follow. Biggus came out of nowhere, at a couple of decent sized foreigners, but never explained himself — same goes for TTF and Ramms. Their tradition is to lure, jump out, eat, hide again.

Best Protoss


Russian FederationTamaRussian FederationLancerx
Russian FederationDewaltPolandBonyth
---+--- Spoiler ---+---

Tama and Dewalt are some of the best Russia has to offer. You rarely see Tama, but when you do, you will see a player covered in blood — blood of his victims. His series against Dewalt, Pixy and Bonyth in DT 47 show why we picked him!

Dsaqwe often goes a bit under the radar, yet he shows continously very good results. If you ever watched the replay pack he released, you can see how hard he trains on fish, not even considering to dodge the BJs and even takes some of them down!

DraW is another of the up and down players — rarely plays, but if he does, he is one of the players you expect to finish in the highest places. He didn't really win many tournaments up to this point, but his game list and his Elo show that the potential is there!

Lancerx is another of the players that improved by a lot in the course of this year. At the beginning he was one of those you regularly saw in the Round of 16 and Quarterfinals; now he is one of those you expect to see among the winners — especially after his victory in Moscow last week end!

Bonyth joined the party quite late. We know him from the past, one of the Polish Protoss monsters you were scared off even before StarCraft II. As of late he joined a bunch of tournaments and already raped a bunch of high class people. I guess there is more to come?

Alfio like Scan, might not have the best manners, but a more than decent macro. His series against trutaCz shows that he can play anything and get away with it — on top level. Not playing much, no, but surely one of the best!

Best Zerg




---+--- Spoiler ---+---

trutaCz has been on fire lately, taking down a couple of really established players, finishing very high in the Defiler events — the Polish Zerg really is an addition to LRM's already impressing line-up.

Napoleon is placed here, even though he is a race picker and plays Terran against Zerg. He doesn't play all that much after all, but if he does — better pray to your gods before you vanish into finn air. His highlights in 2012: Gold in both Defiler Tour 39 and the XSplit Random Invitational

The last player we didn't mention is Jim[BG]. He turned up in the latest Defiler Tournaments and surprised us by beating a lot of the known names in the late stages — definitely a newcomer to us, but one you should remember.


Team of the Year


LRM EvolutionsSamjoc Gaming
int. Fed. of Untouchables



---+--- Spoiler ---+---

The reps.ru fun gaming pro-team has not only a long name, but also a quite large roster. You'll find the best Russians there, among them Dewalt, Largo, Defi, Plumbum — really the elite of the mother land. They killed many bear and most importantly always played fair. If there would be such a thing like a «good manner» award for high skilled players, these would probably win it!

Sas. — a short name. Probably as short as the list of teams that can hope to win over it. With players like Sziky, DraW, Skzlime and dsaqwe this clan is home to the very best of the world; which shows in the number of leagues they won. Veni, vidi, vici — simple as that!

The mostly Russian team international Federation of Untouchables has a number of really skilled players and are the current winner of ICCup Clan League. With players like Lancerx, eOnzErG, spx and TTF they have both veterans and new comers. Watch out, here they come!

Los Reyes Del Mambo Evolutions was created a bit more than two years ago and won most titles in their career. Especially known for their strong Zerg players, this team almost always has a chance to win the league they enter.

Team Noobs aka. Samjoc Gaming also has a couple of the international all starts. Doty, Napoleon, Mazur — all a part of this team. Not too surprising that Nb. aka. SJ. was able to win a lot of leagues in the past and still do very well!

Biggest Talent

To be clear: the biggest «talent» doesn't mean the player with the most skill, that's what best player is for. This section is for the kind of people that improved the most. Please consider their relative improvement — a step from B to A- is as impressive as one from C to B!


CanadaWandSRussian FederationDewalt


---+--- Spoiler ---+---

The first three of the list were already introduced, but — consider this — all of them were already very good players, are now not only «very» good, but «probably the strongest of their race / nationality»!

WandS and Wallace showed in many tournaments how much they improved in the course of the year, often duking it out in the C Rank events such as YSL, ASL and whatnot. Especially the Bulgarian played his parts in the Defiler Tournaments. Impressive!

Fold, sometimes a bit underrated, streamed his ladder and tournament games in the past year. If you tuned in every now and again, you couldn't help but notice how much better he is now. Motivation, spirit and hard work — this is what it takes.

Institution of the Year


The next category of our award is all about the infrastructure. There are plenty of things that really do deserver a note somewhere!


Russian FederationDefiler.ruSwedenSBWI


---+--- Spoiler ---+---

KeSPA — love it or hate it; probably hate it. But let's not forget that the KeSPA made professional Brood War, if not professional eSports as a whole possible. They built a legacy that ended officially with the Pro League finale. Without them nothing like OSL, MSL or any kind of pro BW would have been possible.

SonicTV with his SOSPA was there when we needed him — even though he encountered a lot of bullshit along the way. Matchfixing again, license issues again — all that couldn't eventually kill the poor fella. Instead of giving up he was the beacon in the darkness, someone we could count on. Thanks man, just thanks and keep your head up!

Defiler.ru stands a bit like an outsider here, but let's not forget that they hosted more than fourty tournaments and funded them entirely on their own. Yes, that money and the time comes all from their own pockets. How about that? Do you think anybody else can keep up with this? Oh, they even managed to actually organize several LANs in Moscow, a task which literally drove other people insane.

Alright, there are not only Russians. There is Sweden, too. All over the world there are Brood War fans, but Sweden, home of DreamHack, didn't give up either. They actually founded the Swedish Brood War Intiative, inspiring a lot of aliens. And, also quite importantly, fund international events like the SBWI Nation Wars. Thumbs up Sweden!


Extra Mile Award

We felt that there is something missing. Brood War always had a certain amount of creativity to it, without it we'd just be «another scene». There are dozen of people who do more than just play, occasionally post in forums or comment on articles. This is for those who did a certain something — completely on their own.


USANinaZergCzech RepublicStratos
Russian FederationLargoCanadaHawaiianPig
Russian FederationDefiCanadaTrozz


---+--- Spoiler ---+---

NinaZerg is a bit weird, she'd be the last person to not admit that. Still, she played a major role in running the Yellow Star League, organizes a female tournament, streamed for hours on end, hyped grudge matches, published Giggly Girl ESports and has a wiki article, that's somewhat entertaining to read.

Largo is another restless player, organizer and editor. He's one of the reasons that the Russians are advertising on Teamliquid, does his best to promote both defiler and reps.ru tournaments, and supports every event you could think of. He is one of the guys you can count on — and he has been for years now!

Defi, not only good at playing Brood War, is quite good at motivating the right people. He is the reason we could see Sziky going up against Pusan, the guy who made sure we have the Defi Mini Tours now, one of the reasons why Russia still fields a strong line up in nation wars.

Pucca was very eager to make everything as perfect as it can be. We admins know that our reputation isn't the best (an understatement), so did Pucca. We're glad to have had him in our team — seriously. Without him there wouldn't be dozens of ICC CL VODs, there would have been no talk show like Blitz, events like Pucca's Capture the Flag. Certainly an inspiring character. Thanks Pucca!

Stratos, a quite nice guy from the Czech Republic, doesn't like to be interviewed. Even though he deserves it, truely deserves it. He posts updates, plays regularly in team leagues and streams minor events. His biggest contributions however are his clips; just watch one of them — you'll certainly agree with us when we say that this is really worth your time!

Teamliquid's coverage is always flawless in every detail. And we mean it, every thing works out perfectly. What would the ABC, the SOSPA LR Threads and countless other BW related events look without the works of Hawaiianpig? There are people that design banners, and there is him. Thanks for this inspiring artwork!

Trozz is a bit weird and you only know him if you frequently read Teamliquid. With weird we mean he only posts in Haikus. He also draws a lot with MS Paint and designs his own games. And he promotes his board game with a Brood War tournament, featuring the likes of Rekrul. Well, if that isn't worth a mention, I don't know what is!

Bakuryu does a lot behind the scenes and never gets enough credit for it. It's hard to find a player willing to explain Brood War and strategy to you; most don't want to talk after a ladder match, others, especially the really talented ones, hesitate to publicly explain why they do the things they way they do. Not so Bakuryu — he is always there if you need a helping hand, gives tipps, ready for an interview and doesn't event want anything in exchange. A perfect gentleman!


Community Award


Seriously, here are no losers, nor is there anybody that didn't deserve a lot of thanks — but well, only one can win. We grouped together persons that tried their best to cover an event, organize a league or did something similarly amazing for the benefit of all!


TeamLiquid ABCD Rank Event staff
TL SOSPA CrewLiquipedia Editors
Chinese Connection


---+--- Spoiler ---+---

Teamliquid ABC Writers

Teamliquid has a new look, a better coverage — thanks to the crew of the Amateur Brood War coverage. We now focus on the editors around2pacalypse- that brought us good write ups of events like the Defiler Tournaments, Gambit Cup, Nation Wars and whatnot. These hold up the Brood War banner and do a shitload of work for you.


Liquipedia Editors

There are many guys like Mewka, Endy, Epoxide and itsjustatank — people that sacrifice their spare time and transform confusing events into a good looking, readable article. These heroes make coverage a lot easier, always do their best to keep us informed and work their butts off behind the scenes.

TL.net SOSPA Crew

The three of them — kjwcj, ArvickHero and Snipealot — are names you should have heard of. Every one of them spent countless hours to either write reports about the new Korean SOSPA and BJ scene, translated articles or interviews or made it happen that we could follow our beloved heros. Make no mistake, this was only possible thanks to blood, sweat and tears. Time to give back maybe?

China Connection

Caihead, Pucca, Xiphos and stevewch, probably a few others that we forgot — do you know them? Well you should. Turns out they established a few connections to China, which has never given up on Brood War. Thanks to them we were able to follow the C-OSL and had a team running in Nation Wars and Gambit Cup; this might have turned out badly in terms of lag issues, but screw this — thanks for showing us what the Chinese do!

D Ranks Event Crew

Cobaltblu, Nikon, Pebble444 and chrisolo — only four names out of many. These made sure that our most important target population, the new players, had a place to compete. The D Rank Team Leagues, Tournaments and show matches have been created by them, with an Elo ranking (thanks to birdie) and casts. These guys really show that we can still hope!

Best Caster


Russian FederationyodaUnited KingdomElegant
Russian FederationLargoRussian FederationNegroplay
United KingdomSayle 


---+--- Spoiler ---+---

Everyone who doesn't know yoda, doesn't know what to watch, honestly. Casting for more than eight ours per sunday, this man showed what a real Brood War fanatic is made of. But well, it's not only this charismatic guy, no, we could also see guest appearances of his stuffed cat, sometimes even from his wife!

The duo that is Elegant and Hacklebeast are most known for the coverage of any kind of foreign event. The gentleman and the… beast. Funny, experienced and endless hours of Gambit Cup, Nation Wars, ISL and misc. commentary, always a joke on the side and good camera movement. Both of them deserve it!

Pucca sadly moved on to play some other games, but well, he did comment a bunch of things. Pucca CTF, the Blitz Show, most of the ICC CL wars and other events. He constantly worked on getting better — which he did — and made it possible that R1CH finally agreed to release the infamous TSL overlay tool.

Largo, quite analytical, is one of the casters you probably missed if you only browsed on Teamliquid. Just another proof how much defiler.ru did for the community. Largo brought us several streams — mostly for Russia KOTH and Defiler Tournaments, in addition, keep that in mind gentleman, to his tremendous work as editor, leader and organizer!

Negroplay, in comparison to all others listed here, did the least. The least means, in this very context, that he «only» casted for the entire December — Defi Mini Tours, LANs and so on. Eight hours without break don't stop him, he can carry on. Thanks for that Don Negrote!

Sayle, probably the most popular caster in the scene, did also cast in this year. We should not forget that he did cast the Frankenmonster that was Pro League, in addition to some SOSPA Events and the OSL. Now, some people argued that he was more of a SCII person now — honestly, stop being silly. Another person that did his very best to promote our game, even in rough times!

About the Vote

Everyone is entitled to vote — but please only one time. We know that we can't possibly pick so everyone agrees, but we have a solution for that. Every question has an empty text field; use it if you do not agree with our nominees! The voting will be open for 7 days.


Sources: Voting

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