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Ranking Update and Interviews

13 Dec 2012 @ 17:23 CET

We've got a couple of updates waiting for you — more about our rankings and a few more interviews.


The Interviews

Another top class player, reps)Defi, leader and co-founder of reps.ru fun gaming pro team, sat down and answered a few of our questions. He told us a bit how his team came to exist, his experiences at several LAN tournaments and about the many events he was responsible for — including the infamous showdown between Sziky and Pusan.

The second person we thought would be of interest is none other than 2pacalypse-. He did not only win Gem League, but is also one of the masterminds behind Teamliquid's new Brood War portal. You rarely recognize the effort this man put into covering foreign events — a few things he has to tell are really worht reading!

A bunch of new interviews are planned — so keep checking @ICCupBW on Twitter for faster updates. The interviews can be found in our Who is Who article.


Updated Ranking

Our first ranking was quite a lot of work, so better not waste time and effort, no? Well, we updated it and cleaned it a bit. You'll notice that a lot of players were dropped, most importantly the leading player Scan, as well as names like Napoleon, dOTY, Pro7ect, Karate, Kolll and others. Now the list only includes players that actually entered several 1on1 events — new to the list are the first to rounds of the BWMN Open Group Stage, a few weeks of SBWI Nation Wars, the Defiler Tour 47 and the first two Defi Mini Tours!



Rankings: 13th December 2012

BulgariaTechnicS #Zerg2904069.231376+2
ArgentinaSziky #Zerg31093277.311375-2
Russian FederationTama #Protoss4552271.431351+7
PolandtrutaCz #Zerg5814464.801302+10
USAMichael #Zerg6883869.841294+0
Argentinaskzlime #Terran8462366.671249+1
CanadaDraW #Protoss9622868.891236+2
Russian FederationDewalt#Protoss91307463.731236+3

bolded players can be found in the who is who article as well!


Most importantly, though not too surprising: eOnzErG and TechnicS both made it to the top. Both finished quite high in the most recent Mini Tournaments, TechnicS even second in the Defiler Tour 47. Sziky on the other side lost his first spot, mainly due to losing a few games in the BWMN Open and against his direct rival from Spain in the second Mini Tour.

Tama could really rank up a lot, thanks to his marvellous record in the last Defiler Tournament, where he stomped over a lot of his direct rivals — including TechnicS, Dewalt and yet another Korean smurf.

The Polish Zerg trutaCz could make up a few places as well, mostly because many of the inactive players were erased from the table. Bonyth however, another quite known Protoss from Poland, directly entered the Top 10 after beating a lot of strong players in the past tournaments. His rank is not correctly estimated, however, we think he'll be able to defend his spot.


Sources: Who is WhoFull Ranking

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