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ICCup Event Ranking

05 Dec 2012 @ 12:13 CET

Snow is falling, the radio plays songs that usually would annoy you, but not now and you suddenly find a lot more players on the server. Christmas time is around, the traditional time of Brood War. Also, the end of the year comes closer...

The ICCup staff decided this was a good time to actually do something to sum up what happened so far. We had a number of really good things this year, most important to me personally, a lot of the Russian Defiler Tournaments. But well, with so many events — who were the best players of 2012? Theoretically, we should point out that our ladder is a good indicator of skill, but it doesn't really mean that our #1 1on1 player dominated the scene. Something new needed to be done — so we calculated the ICCup Event Ranking, which we hope does not only give you something nice to look at, but something we can (and will) continue.

This ranking uses the Elo system, but only counts events outside of our ladder. Clan Leagues, Tournaments, events like King of the Hill — you will find all results for the best players here.



Rankings: December 2012 Top 10

Scan #Terran11052183,331516
ArgentinaSziky #Zerg21082978,831430
SpaineOnzErG #Zerg31326168,391424
BulgariaTechnicS #Zerg4713169,611395
GermanydOTY #Protoss5251169,441344
USAMichael #Zerg6783270,901318
CanadaBibiane #Terran8291369,051282
Argentinaskzlime #Terran9401868,971262
FinlandNapoleon #Random10391769,641239


To start with, we added a lot of games — more than 7500 observations and a data base of more than 400 players as of now, everything until today — and plan to continue this list. It is, in our opinion, quite accurate once you understood it only features matches that were played after the first January of this year.

We used mathematics to prove that both Scan and Sziky are not from this world and dominated this year, just they did last. It also shows that eOnzErG and TechnicS lately went on a killing spree in the Defiler Tournaments, or that supposedly inactive and dusty players like skzlime and gargoyle still are able to compete with the rest!

More information about the ranking, more places and full details can be found in the ICCup Event Ranking article!


Sources: ICCup Event Ranking ArticleFull Event RankingList of Events on LiquiDpedia

avatar #1 PL Mewka[AoV] 05 Dec 2012 @ 15:31 CET

yay I am on the 73rd place :D

avatar #5 UA SoldierKB 06 Dec 2012 @ 10:28 CET

That's good, have heard of Sziky many times - new star is arising :)

avatar #6 n-a lobozica 06 Dec 2012 @ 17:04 CET

eu moso e tra nosu grubo

avatar #7 JM iiN.Glockl0 17 Dec 2012 @ 11:53 CET

Gogogo Mich gl ;D

avatar #8 PL Ketesh 17 Dec 2012 @ 12:31 CET

I have always knew skzlime is good! :P