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Join StarCraft Administration


Solve ladder complaints analyzing replays and fixing the correct points case by case

Require a good knowledge of the game and good motivation being the training one of the longest and hardest

Counter Abuse Team
Search, find and punish hackers and abusers (ladder training is required)

Probably the hardest section having to manage abuse cases with delicate decisions and having to perfectly know the rules and the ladder procedures

Clan League and War
Manage the Clan League and the Clan wars when needed

Require few time at weekend after the CL matches to check and manage results, line up, postponed games and troubles

Host and manage tournaments

The most important section to entertain players, require to be online non-stop for few hours and a good nervous control

Supervision of the forums

Principally the moderation of the threads and to close the inactive topics

A merged section having multiple objectives

BwTV: concerning streaming, vods, videos and events coverage
Replays: upload gosu replays daily
Games&Competitions: design, create and manage forum games and funny competitions
Design: graphics, images, banners or any picture which can help for news, tours, events, etc
News: write news for the community

If you wish to Join StarCraft Administration or you have any questions, regarding the section that you want to join, you can PM the Super Admin of that section

Your PM must include:
— Your name;
— Age;
— Country;
— Job, occupation, study;
— What experience do you have in StarCraft and or in administrating;
— How much time you can spend a day for doing regular admin job;
— Main account as player;
— Skype Account;

For any other issues — you can contact:
ItalyiCCup.Face Send PM (Head Admin Assistant)