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New Map Pack

MAP PACK version 38.0

— better version of 3 maps:

Cross Game 1.05

Demian 1.02

Roadkill 1.08

— replaced the ancient map The Lost Temple with Heartbeat





Heartbeat, also known as Feel my Love is a four player melee map, combining a standard four player macro map layout with in-base, but vulnerable, island expansions. It is used in the Jade Addvert Tour[1].

Notable Features

  • Rampless mains  — the main bases do not have ramps, making them slightly more vulnerable against early game aggression. Like on Bloody Ridge, the chokes are easily walled off, though.
  • Tank ramps  — next to each main entrance, overlooking the natural choke, is a small cliff that ranged units, in particularSiege Tanks, can be placed on to help defend the base entrance.
  • Wide, open middle  — offers easy flanking possibilities against opposing armies.
  • Island expansions  — An island expansion is located between each main base and the map's centre area. These islands are high ground, but still very vulnerable to attacks from the low ground, similar to the island expansions on (2) Alternative. Theminerals are placed at the cliff in such a way that any ground unit, including DragoonsHydralisks and Marines with their respective range upgrades, can reach the mining workers, provided they are provided with high ground vision, thus denying mining from those bases if they are not properly defended. The mineral fields are slightly reduced to initial 1250 minerals per patch and the vespene geyser only yields 2000 gas. To stop Terran players from easily floating up a Command Centerto take an island, each of them is blocked by one depleted mineral patch that needs to be mined out first before placing down a town hall is possible.
  • Reduced third gas geysers  — the geysers of the «neutral» third gas bases around the 3/6/9/12 o'clock positions are also reduced to 3000 gas each.



19 комментариев
avatar #1 FLAG43 Slayer_KombaT 01 Dec 2015 @ 17:26 CET

what you did?? Lost Temple its a classic map and its one of the most played maps, even in the last season. You guys should remove one of the low played maps but instead removes a classic like LT?? This is not good.

avatar #2 FR OOa 01 Dec 2015 @ 21:07 CET

LT most played map ?


avatar #3 FLAG43 Slayer_KombaT 01 Dec 2015 @ 21:35 CET

no the most, ONE of the most. The most played is FS of course xD But LT was among the top. I saw the map statistics in the last season and FS was first, Python second, Desti third and LT four if my memory dont fail,

avatar #4 RU mSj)tokyoa 01 Dec 2015 @ 18:16 CET


avatar #5 PL CognacLover 01 Dec 2015 @ 22:19 CET

avtorklif.gif What admin even thinking? Who gave him permission to remove such popular, classic, most played map and replace it with that unknown imba piece of trash? Wow, iCCup BW section barely surviving and you eliminating people who used to play his maps just because you want to force them to play something new. Bring back LT because this doesn't make any sense. anger.gif

avatar #6 IT iCup.Face 03 Dec 2015 @ 04:39 CET

If you have to post your shit here too, have the courage to use your account outscar.

Heartbeat is a good map and LT wasn't of course the most played map not even the most balanced.

We are not forcing anyone, you can choose between 50 maps.

Cut your trollabe and write ur ideas bringing respect or I cut you.

avatar #7 NO MADiNHO 04 Dec 2015 @ 02:56 CET

I don't think iCCup dies 'cuz LT is removed... Like Face says, there are 50 other maps to pick between. New maps is what we need to keep evolving. You can still go 1v3 computer on singleplayer.

It's like 1 of 100 games i see thats hosted LT, rest is python... Wanna start anarchy, remove that one :D


avatar #10 IT iCup.Face 04 Dec 2015 @ 10:08 CET

Do not post birdie's stats here please, it's incomplete.for not to talk of the unofficial source.

avatar #11 NZ sB.Birdie 04 Dec 2015 @ 20:56 CET

My stats are complete 1v1 map statistics, scraped from iCCup's website itself, including both season 37 and season 38 statistics.

avatar #12 IT iCup.Face 05 Dec 2015 @ 08:45 CET

To be complete I suggest you to add 2v2 maps and to separate the seasons, or these stats are not very useful.

avatar #13 NZ sB.Birdie 05 Dec 2015 @ 11:50 CET

I am considering adding 2v2 maps at a later date, but my interest is primarily in 1v1 so that is where I focus on. I can separate the seasons if I want to but it is unnecessary and doesn't change the meaning of the statistics. They are very useful for demonstrating the popularity of ladder maps in 1v1.

avatar #14 MY JustPlaySomeSC 04 Dec 2015 @ 11:00 CET

why cant we add the heartbeat rather than removing the most popular map since 1998.

avatar #15 IT iCup.Face 04 Dec 2015 @ 11:22 CET

50 maps limit

avatar #16 IT Italy[]Gaming 07 Dec 2015 @ 09:20 CET


avatar #18 EE UltrAnus2 10 Dec 2015 @ 17:57 CET

Why 50 maps limit?

avatar #19 IT iCup.Face 11 Dec 2015 @ 16:33 CET

its the limit of the server

avatar #20 RU sf4ik.) 20 Dec 2015 @ 20:26 CET


avatar #21 HU poeG-4rchon 13 Apr 2016 @ 08:33 CET

well...this won't be my fav map :D

avatar #22 FLAG25 Piano.Winter 10 Jun 2016 @ 08:34 CET