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Hello, dear users of the platform.

Below are prohibited proposals. They will not be engaged in the realization in the near future.

Before you make an idea for everyone to review, read the BlackList.


• Proposals for entering discounts in the store;

• It is prohibited from the proposal for issuing any attractions (caps or services) for creating reports to players;

• Dubbing theme is prohibited when refusing. (If you refused once, it will be done in the second);

• SUPP messages are prohibited, support, approve, up and the like. (Will be regarded as a flood);

• Proposals related to chat teams in the launcher;

• Creating topics in the section "Proposals" with the lack of information on the proposed innovation, as well as the creation of topics on other subjects that are not related to the section;

• any proposals affecting the change in the general rule of the Rules on ICCUP;

• offer to change the rules, as well as discussion of the rules;

• Proposals related to the entry of punishment for "Lat 0", remove the ability to put "Lat 0", as well as any offer associated with Latency;

• Returns command / countryLimit.

To begin with, there is a / location (/ lc) command, in which you can set a restriction on the selection of players

The proposal itself is divided into countries, rejected and considered will not be, for one simple reason, we take into account the view of users and advantage, believe me, not on the side of the limits. Yes, we even benefit from entering this command, because the flag's change will be quite often used, while the relevance of this limit will fall, but we pursue in this case the benefits of all users, and not 100 people who show at least some kind of activity on the forum .

• Create chat on the site;

• Implementation of the limiting line command.

There is already a command / noleavers;

• It is forbidden to create topics in the "Approved" subsection;

Any suggestions regarding Dota

All information about the version of ICCUP DOTA Send to BugTracker Service;

• Official administration of punishment for peak AB (Autoban) of heroes, as well as removal of AB heroes from the pool on the RDTB mode;

• Return Dota 6.83d from IceFrog to Ladder bots;

• Replacing the DOTA card in the ladder;

Proposals Remove from the Launcher File for widescreen monitors, scaling textures to hide the edges of the map.

Innovation is a new platform management course. Everyone has a choice - follow him or play an old (installing or removing or removing in the iccup.ini file), which is located in the folder with the launcher, the variable: widescreen = 1;

• Proposals of a political, nationalist, racist nature, as well as any suggestions that can provoke an interethnic or religious retail.

An example of such proposals: "Install all residents of the Crimea Russian flag", "Restrict access to the server / site to residents of any country", "Flags of sexual minorities" or "Add filtering by country".

Aisikap is a gaming platform and here is not a place to political debate, moreover, our platform is an interethnic "island" on which all residents are equal. The flag is determined automatically based on information from IP databases. Manual Administration flag will not install anyone, but do not forget that the flag can be changed in the store;

• Adding voice communication to Warcraft or launcher;

• Proposals to take into the ranks of the administration / Demote administrator;

• Offers Delete / ban user;

• Proposals to buy a pro-account / ladder bonuses / armor for rent, as well as offers to make data these services perpetuity;

• Remove forum sections. An example of such a sentence: "Remove the flame from the main thing."

The project administration itself knows perfectly well when and in what format to conduct reforms on the forum. But to suggest creating a new section you can;

• Proposals related to the change of services "Transfer" "Published", "Renaim", "Purchase Nika";

• Binding to a mobile phone account and other measures to complicate user registration

• Proposals related to the development of a mobile application for ICCUP;

• Change the ladder system.

To change the ladder system, you need to collect a huge number of statistical data for several seasons. At the moment, this is not necessary, the system is stable and does not need to be adjusted;

• Transfer of caps between users, transfer caps without a mandatory condition - "Account in Ban";

• purchase for capes of imbalance bonuses, places in the top, the victory button;

• Creating a "chaos" section, in which there will be no rules.

There is already a section where users can freely communicate, criticize each other, half alarm. This is a flame;

• mod -cmtb;

• update anti-hack of the launcher, dot versions on the bots,;

• change in the coolness formula;

• Separate COP via the command line;

• Proposals for users, for example: "Dota", "Let's participate in the competition", "set in the clan", etc.;

• Implementing commands -Votekick, -Autostart, -switch;

• Proposals for updating cards on chost bots;

• All complaints and questions that are discussed in support.

---+--- Namely ---+---
Complaints on FID and AFC are considered here and here, respectively.

2. Complaints on hacker, Bug use Are considered here.

3. Complaints on insults are considered here.

4. Complaints on disconnects are considered here.

5. Recover account in case of password loss / Mail reminder in this section.

6. Complaints on the administration are considered here.

7. If you have any problems with the game (laugs, errors), a site or any other portal module, write here.

• Proposals associated with adding / updating Custom Maps.

Create a topic with a proposal in this section;

• Proposals related to the field of activity of sections, namely: contests, rubrics, streams, quizzes, tournaments and ideas to improve or the proposed innovation in the section.

Contact the administration of the appropriate section. Information about admin-stuff is on this page.

• Proposals related to the return galleries, radio, blogs.

In the near future, the return is not planned;

• Proposal to fix teamwork in Mute.

About the problem is known, the process will not speed up themes.


It is forbidden to create the themes listed in BlackList.

Punishment: ban for 3 days

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