My first love

Hello everyone, our dear users! We invite you to this interesting contest:

«My first love»

First love is the most sincere and bright feeling that, according to statistics, every person experiences. In most cases, we experience it when we are very young and inexperienced.

In this contest you have to tell about your first love. Who was he/she to you, where did you meet him/her, how long did your love last? Or are you still together?

The most interesting, colorful and cool works will be appreciated.


1. Copy paste is strictly prohibited. All works will be checked.

2. Answers to frequently askedquestions, suggestions and other information can be found in the [F.A.Q.] Events

3. The competition will be held in the topic [Works] — [My first love]

4. Works published later than 17:00 on 17.07.2022 will not be taken into contest

5. You can take part in the contest from any account, but the main thing is that the account is yours

6. Absolutely any player of the platform can participate in the contest, but remember: from one participant ➡ one job

7. You will receive awards only to the account from which you will participate in the contest, if you win. But the account should definitely belong only to you and do not forget that it is forbidden to do a renewal until you receive caps from the contest

8. All claims and misunderstandings regarding this competition are accepted no later than 7 days from the date of the end of the competition and the announcement of the results of the competition

9. In case of an attempt to deceive the Administrators of this contest, as well as for violating any of these rules and the general rules of the forum, you will be disqualified from the contest

10. Flood & Offtop in the topics related to this contest will be deleted for the first time, in case of relapse ➡ you will get banned for 3 days

11. If there are less than 3 works, the competition will be declared invalid and closed due to lack of competitiveness, but all participants who have not violated the rules of the competition will receive incentive prizes.


imagePlace — 80 image

image Place — 60 image

imagePlace — 40 image

The rest of the participants who did not violate the rules of the competition will receive incentive prizes. For this, a limit of 40 imagehas been allocated.

Prizes between the participants will be divided in equal shares. If only one participant fulfills the conditions that are necessary to receive the promotion, then he receives half of this limit.


imageiCCup.caseluxi (The judge of the contest, all questions to him)



Finishing: 17.07.2022 at 17:00 Moscow time

Good luck to everyone!

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avatar #1 UZ Motivational 12 Jul 2022 @ 11:29 CET

In theme my first love i am first person FakaMakaFaka

avatar #2 UZ Mr.Sanjar 13 Jul 2022 @ 06:18 CET

oh love love love