iCCup лаунчер

Это программа, с помощью которой можно играть в DotA 1 и StarCraft: Brood War на iCCup-е. Лаунчер защищает вас от читеров-хакеров и делает игру честной.


Latest version of the iCCup DotA map

Жүктеу (15.87Mb)

Fresh out of the oven, the very best that DotA has to offer.

Beta Launcher


Beta Launcher

Original DotA 6.83s

Жүктеу (12.4Mb)

Original DotA version with iconic gameplay and familiar vibe.

Custom maps full pack

Жүктеу (609.54Mb)

Custom maps, full mappack. You will find every map supported by custom bots (hosted thru /chost). Pudge wars, LTD, and many more.