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Nation League Rules


The following rules should be read in the context of fair play.

Administration tries to provide the teams participating in Nation League and Wars with a working environment, but can not guarantee activity. It's teams duty to do all necessary to not stall the procedure.

Furthermore, the spirit of the rules should be followed, rather than the wording.

Administration is more interested in seeing all games played, rather than in teams trying their best to bend the rules in their favor, while trying to force their will over opponents.


Version and Server


The latest StarCraft Patch,, is needed.


All matches must be played on iCCup's StarCraft server, The Abyss.


It is mandatory to play all matches with Anti-Hack (AH) and LAN latency ON.



NATION: team participating in NL, can be a single country or composed by merged countries.


NL: Nation League, the whole tournament between the Nations invited, composed by a series of NW played every week;

NW: Nation War, event which stages matches between two Nations;


LEADER: responsible for organization within the Nation and conduct of the members; there can only be one Leader per team.


CAPTAINS: members of good standing, entrusted with assisting the Leader managing the team, line-up, reports and more.


WILDCARD: the right to postpone a single match without prior announcement.


WALK OVER (WO): technical win awarded to a team whose opponent does not show up at the appointed time and channel, fully prepared to commence a match; at same time the team having failed to show up is punished with a technical loss.

3.Participants and General Rules


Administration reserves the Right of Admission for each and every player.


Administration reserve the right to invite the Nations, a Leader have to show up taking the responsibility for his Nation.
Korea and China cannot be invited.


Leaders of each Nation are also responsible for the correct recruitment of their own roster (number, names, smurfs, stand-ins), he can ask Admins help to verify players.


All players must use their primary ID (no smurf allowed) along with their real country TAG in the following format: account[TAG]
example: LancerX[RU], Kenzy[FR], Draw[CA]
It's forbidden to create accounts for other players.


Players must be resident in the country they sign up in order to participate. For exceptions, see stand-in policy.


Nation rosters must contain a minimum of 10 to a max of 20 active players in order to be considered eligible, if an invited Nation doesn't fit the minimal requirements will be replaced by Administration.
If a Nation exceed the 20 players limit the Leader has to immediately remove someone or the team will be penalized.


By signing up for the Nation League, players confirm that they have read and understood these rules and that they will abide by them.


In case of unforeseen problems, the iCCup Administration has to be contacted immediately.


Complaints about an Admin's decision have to be made in the Complaint Against Admin forum, in the proper form.

4.Stand-in policy


Stand-ins are players which are not resident in to the Nation they willing to play. Stand-ins may be permitted and will be evaluated on a case to case basis.


Stand-ins cannot be Chinese or Korean resident.


The stand-in could live in a country neighboring the Nation and/or a country with cultural resemblance.


The stand-in could live in another country, but it's native the Nation he wants to sign up.


The stand-in must not reside/belong a nation that currently has a team.

 5.Format and Schedule


Nation League consists in a seasonal division of Nations meeting in a group stage composed by two round robin of NWars all vs all twice and a play-off series for the grand final.


Nation Wars consist in three per 1v1, one per ACE and one per 2v2, all best of three.


Nation League matches take place once a week; the default time is Sunday, 19.00 CET. The default meeting channel is «Nation League» (once met in the default channel, teams can play in a different one)


Nation League points are awarded after the full report of each NW, winner receives one extra point.
Example: NationA defeats NationB 3-2;
NationA receives 3+1=4 points, NationB receives 2 points.


Tech Wins are awarded with +3 points, Tech Losses are punished with -1 point.



Maps for the first game are displayed in the NW webpage; for the other games the maps are chosen by the loser of the game just played, not the same map twice in a match ('duplicate map').


Maps have to be chosen from the last iCCup Map Pack.


Once a match has been played, complaints about the map used are not valid; it is the responsibility of all players involved in the match to make sure the correct map is used.


If a player uses an incorrect or duplicate map for the first time, he will be listed in the appropriate Forum Thread and a warning will be issued. Usage of an incorrect/duplicate map for the second time will result in the player being banned from participating in  NL for two weeks; usage of an incorrect/duplicate map for the third time will result in the player being banned for the remainder of the ongoing season.

7. Nation War Procedures


Captains have to generate the brackets for the Nation War with the full line up within 15 minutes of the scheduled start.


At least one Captain (Clan Leader or Trusted Member) and two 1v1 players are needed to play a NW; it means the minimum requirements are 3 members ready to play, one Captain to set the line-up and play + two members.


Grid slots configuration:





3x 1v1

these players can also play ACE or 2v2


1x 2v2

this player cannot play 2v2; this player can also play one 1v1; (the second player must be the dummy account named NLadmin)


1x 2v2

these players can also play one 1v1: these players cannot play ACE


If a Nation does not show up within 15 minutes of the scheduled start it gets punished with a Tech Loss.


If the minimum requirements are not met, the opposing team may take a WO for the entire Nation War. Valid proof for the absence of opponents or failure to meet the minimum requirements (number of players) consists in a time-stamped (/time command) screenshot in the default channel.


Observers are permitted in Nation League only if both players agree on their presence; an exception are official iCCup Observers or Streamers/Casters, who must be admitted into any match they choose to observe or stream. Complaints about non-official observers are not valid.

8. IN-Game Problems


In case of strong lag issues the players should take a screenshot with the /time command in the game. Both should try to play the game for more than three minutes and take a second screenshot. The screens and the replay of the game are needed when reporting the game. From the time difference calculated out of the screenshots and the time recorded in the replays, the admins can judge the situation. Failure to follow this procedure will result in the Admins denying the case.


In cases of lag issues both players have to be replaced. Admins can decide to only replace one player, depending on their decision. Games can be postponed without wildcard if both players need to be exchanged.


All players should be able to host and play in games with 3 players. Failure to meet these requirements may result in walk over in extreme cases.


IP conflicts will be handled on a case-to-case basis, teams should always have one reserve player ready in case of conflict and both players should be replaced in this eventuality.


Players must have /dnd active at all times while in Nation League games.


If a disconnect occurs during the first two minutes of the match, it must be repeated using the same race and map as in the disconnected match.


If a disconnect occurs after the first two minutes, players may agree who caused the disconnects and act accordingly; if the players cannot agree, an Admin must be notified, to decide on the issue.


Three repeated disconnects by the same player result in a Tech Loss.


Every player may pause or unpause a match at any time, without giving a reason; complaints about this matter are not accepted by Administration. Both parties are recommended to follow the motto of fair play and not try to gain an advantage in these cases.


If an opponent went offline without finishing the match, with the scores such as 1-0, 0-1 or 1-1, a Captain has to take 2 screenshots with /time and /whereis (/whois) commands: the 1st screenshot has to be taken right after the player left the server, the 2nd screenshot has to be taken 15 minutes after the first one.


For bugs, hacks and fair play the Nation League refers to Ladder Rules

9.  Wildcards and Postponed Matches


Each Nation has 6 Wildcards per season, without needing the opponent's confirmation. A Wildcard only postpones a single match or game, not the whole Nation War itself and only one Wildcard can be used for the same NW.


A Wildcard only may be used by Leaders and Captains (Trusted Members) and only within 15 minutes after the scheduled time.


Opponents and Admins must be informed (via NW chat box or NL forum) about the usage of Wildcards and about what slot is postponed in the moment it's being activated. There is no need to inform opponents and Admins before, but only at the time the Wildcard is actually being used.


A match postponed by a Wildcard (called PP) must be played within 7 days from the original date; the player originally set in the line up should not be changed for the PP.
If the player is changed, opponents must be informed and they also get the chance to change their player if wanted.


Default time for PP is the next Saturday 19.00 CET in the official channel. If both players agree, a different time may be used.


PP matches can not be postponed again. If both parties fail to realize the PP, the Administration reserves the right to punish one or both teams and/or ignore the match.

10. Reports


Nation War games must be reported in the proper way (uploading the replays in NW page) within 72 hours of completion; failure to report in the correct fashion of time may result in the match being disregarded by Administration.
Any inconvenience must be reported via NW chat box or NL forum.


Submitting fake replays will result in reversion of the scores of the match. If problems arise with the reporting system the Administration have to be contacted (via NW chat box or NL forum)


Tech Wins must be reported via Chat Box or in the NL forum opening a new thread and with valid proofs.


Any report that needs mutual consent of both teams has to be answered with confirmation or complaint from both sides within 96 hours (4 days) after the original date. A failure to report within this time frame will be counted as confirmation and possible complaints afterward will be denied.

11. Abuses and Punishments


Showing disrespect, using offensive and vulgar expressions on the Forums, Channels or during a Match are strictly prohibited.


Any player found abusing in any way will be permanent banned from the Nation League, in addition, the Nation War which was abused in will be counted as a loss for his Nation.


If a player is absent for longer than 15 minutes from the start of the match and if a Captain does not activate the Wildcard, the Nation is punished with a Tech Loss (0:2) for the match.


Players refusing to let official streamers ob the games or refusing to leave a game just started if called out by Admins can be punished.


Administration reserve the right to attribute additional penalties to Nations depending on the severity of the abuse.


12. Play-offs


The first 4 Nations qualified during the group stage grant access to playoffs.


Hybrid elimination format
       • Q1: #1 vs #2 — winner goes in final, loser play again.
       • Q2: #3 vs #4 — winner play again, loser is eliminated.
       • S: loser(Q1) vs winner(Q2) — winner goes in final, loser get 3rd place.
       • winner(Q1) vs winner(S) — winner get 1st place, loser 2nd place.


The players participating in a playoff match, shall have played at least one NW during the ongoing season.


Wildcards are not valid into playoffs, hence no PP matches are allowed.


If two Nations finish the season with the exact number of points, who has won the direct seasonal NW receives the higher rank. Still in case of parity the games score will be counted.

13.Adding and Removing Players to Nations


Leaders can recruit players fitting the requirements described at point 3. Participants and General Rules at any time during the League.


New players must wait two days (48 hours) before to be showed in the line-up list, it is Captain’s responsibility to add new players in time.



Some of the rules might be ignored if both Nations agree on the matter and the overall procedure is not negatively affected by this decision.


Two players can use a different map from the starting one, as long as both players agree on the change.


The time and channel for NW match may be changed by mutual agreement of the Captains involved.


Changes from the standard procedure must be reported (via NW chatbox or NL forum) without exceptions.


In case of unforeseeable and/or unforeseen circumstances, the iCCup Administration reserves the right to modify these Rules without justification or prior announcement.

Alterations of these Rules are retroactive for the current season.