New maps released

08 Sep 2014 @ 23:00 CET

We have removed some outdated and low played maps: Nostalgia,  Vampire, Gods Garden, Ride of Valkyries, Moon Glaive, Outlier; leaving space for six new maps:
Cross Game 1.04
Mist 1.0
Neo Overwatch 2.0
Queensbridge 1.3
Roadkill 1.05
Toad Stone 1.3

We have updated to a better version three maps too:
Wind and Cloud 2.2
Neo Jade 2.1
(hotfix making the minerals in the mains more balanced)
Neo Medusa 2.2

If you find any bug in these maps, please report here Map Pack BUGS


---+--- Cross Game 1.04 ---+---


Cross Game is a two player map made by CrystalDrag from the map making community at It is one of six maps that were used in the BWMN Open

Notable Features

  • Loosely based on the SC2 map Daybreak
  • Doodad Overlord Spot — The naturals have an Overlord spot made of doodads mimicking the effect of a high ground cliff (due to the lack of available high ground terrain on Ash world tileset)
  • Cliffable corner expansions: There are low ground cliffs for drops behind the corner expansions.
  • Vision blockers: The row of bushes, next to the mineral only expansion, blocks vision for ground units, similar to SC2.
---+--- Mist 1.0 ---+---


Mist was introduced in the 9th SonicTV Starleague.

Notable Features

  • Easy harassment of the mineral lines of all expansions, including the naturals, similar to previous Earthattack maps such as Outsider or El Niño/Great Barrier Reef. Not only the terrain right behind the natural is not buildable, but it can be accessed through a back door, contrary to most maps where it is simply a cliff or another non walkable terrain.
  • The bridge in the centre of the map is entirely made up of vision blocking tiles, limiting the vision range of any ground units on the bridge to the bare minimum.
  • The geyser of the expansion counterclockwise from each player can be attacked from ranged units in the opponent's main whereas it is much easier to access by ground from the other player, which makes it very hard for any player to ever get control over that expansion.
---+--- Neo Overwatch 2.0 ---+---


Overwatch is a map that was used in the foreign BroodWar scene made by -NegativeZero-. It first appeared in the SBWI Summer Tour of 2013 and was later used for the first SBWI Teamleague.

Notable Features

  • tight rush path — the direct rushing and scouting path bewteen both players is constricted by bridges and a tight gap in the centre of the map, giving players tactical opportunity to intercept an incoming enemy and forcing bigger armies to take wider alternative routes around the map
  • high ground pods — There are two big high ground pods along the main path from the natural to the centre of the map, which are important for players to control to gain a tactical advantage in engaging the third gas expansion
  • curved ridges — the centre of the map is dominated by two curved ridges that offer positional advantage to the player gaining position on them in an engagement.
---+--- Queensbridge 1.3 ---+---


A two player cross spawn map created by CardinalAllin.

Notable Features

  • The central hills are buildable.
  • The 3 and 9 o clock bases can be walled with 2 pylons.
---+--- Roadkill 1.05 ---+---


Four player cardinal spawn map created by Freakling.

Notable Features

  • Low ground Main and High ground Nat.
  • The corner bases can be walled with 3 pylons.
  • The min only can be walled with 4 pylons.
---+--- Toad Stone 1.3---+---


Four player axial symmetry map created by CardinalAllin

Notable Features

  • Each ramp into the 3rd can be walled with 2 pylons
  • The natural choke is 6 tiles but can be made wider by killing the neutral eggs.
  • The area outside the natural is buildable, the central ridges are unbuildable.

Big Thanks to United KingdomiCCup.Card (CardinalAllin) for the help and the time invested to create the new pack.


avatar #1 LT Alita 09 Sep 2014 @ 00:59 CET

u rly want kill iccup ???? nobody will play motw ... 1more week without sc...

avatar #2 US 3S.Shiba 09 Sep 2014 @ 01:26 CET

Ya this kind of sucks man iccup will be dead this week just because these maps. I know I won't be playing this week because of these maps, will be impossible to find games see ya next week I guess

avatar #3 US 3S.Shiba 09 Sep 2014 @ 01:29 CET

And I get trying out new maps, but at least leave us one good map that people will play on to keep the server active these maps will lead to dead iccup this week

avatar #4 BE iFU.eOnzErG 09 Sep 2014 @ 14:38 CET

Hello i recommend to play Mist and Neo overwatch. Mist is actually played in the Sospa korean leagues and Overwatch was played in the SBWi league ,both maps pretty cool ;)

avatar #5 BG iCCup.s0Ldi3R 09 Sep 2014 @ 15:21 CET

Nobody makes you play the MOTW. You can play every other map without the 30% bonus. Also, we have removed the maps which were not played or just have been played a few times.

avatar #6 NO aLc.Casey 09 Sep 2014 @ 16:21 CET

I dont undeerstand why people complain, this is good :)

avatar #7 FR nG.glio 10 Sep 2014 @ 10:46 CET

Awesome. I'll miss Moonglaive but it's nice to see some new fresh maps.

Thanks for your work.

avatar #8 GB ShutUp 10 Sep 2014 @ 19:01 CET

Good job, nice maps!

Roadkill is funny to play

avatar #9 FLAG11 kOuSin 12 Sep 2014 @ 19:08 CET

vampire remooved .??!!





u remooved..


2v2 map..



avatar #10 CA castle[eMg] 13 Sep 2014 @ 16:54 CET

i also really liked vampire it was alot of fun.. these new maps are good tho. toadstone is awesome

avatar #11 SC kappa 01 Nov 2014 @ 19:43 CET