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ICCup Ratings

05 Dec 2012 @ 10:41 CET

The ICCup Event Ranking


Foreign Brood War always had a number of really strong players we looked up to, players that provided us with a lot of good games, replays and VODs. Our ladder was built around the idea to train among the best, improve one's skill and to determine who had the material to shine.

However, neither the ICCup Ladder or the FISH ranking display the 'true' skill. In training you might not always find the best opponents, you might do silly strategies to blow off steam,  lose a lot of points, because you have a bad day — all sources of statistical bias. Some players even play differently, better or worse, in tense situations, high class tournaments or leagues.

This is the reason that we, the ICCup staff, decided to create an additional Event Ranking for exactly these occastions: A ranking that evaluates a player's record in events, stuff that happens outside the ladder and can otherwise only hardly be observed.



Rankings: 15th January 2013

SpaineOnzErG #Zerg22128571.381448
BulgariaTechnicS #Zerg31245170.861415
PolandtrutaCz #Zerg41246167.031378
Russian FederationTama #Protoss5552271.431351
GermanydOTY #Protoss6291369.051340
GermanyBakuryu #Zerg81547866.381306
Canadadsaqwe #Protoss91065765.031304

Full Rankings — 12th December 2012

*Bonyth with less than 30 games

Scan, kolll, Pro7ect, Bibiane, Napoleon and dOTY removed for inactivity


Past Rankings

---+--- January — December 2012 ---+---

Rankings: 13th December 2012

BulgariaTechnicS #Zerg2904069.231376
ArgentinaSziky #Zerg31093277.311375
Russian FederationTama #Protoss4552271.431351
PolandtrutaCz #Zerg5814464.801302
USAMichael #Zerg6883869.841294
Argentinaskzlime #Terran8462366.671249
CanadaDraW #Protoss9622868.891236
Russian FederationDewalt#Protoss91307463.731236

Full Rankings — 12th December 2012

*Bonyth with less than 30 games

Scan, kolll, Pro7ect, Bibiane, Napoleon and dOTY removed for inactivity


Rankings: December 2012

Scan #Terran11052183,331516
ArgentinaSziky #Zerg21082978,831430
SpaineOnzErG #Zerg31326168,391424
BulgariaTechnicS #Zerg4713169,611395
GermanydOTY #Protoss5251169,441344
USAMichael #Zerg6783270,901318
CanadaBibiane #Terran8291369,051282
Argentinaskzlime #Terran9401868,971262
FinlandNapoleon #Random10391769,641239
Russian FederationTama #Protoss11452168,181237
CanadaDraW #Protoss12622868,891236
Russian FederationDewalt #Protoss131247163,591217
Russian FederationPro7ect* #Terran14442960,271216
PolandtrutaCz #Zerg15643962,141214
ItalyAlfio #Protoss16482565,751212
Russian FederationBiggus#Terran19191163,331196
Croatiadsaqwe #Protoss20724860,001195

Full Ranking for January — December 2012

*Player(s) in italic are inactive/retired, read explanation at the bottom


About the Event Ranking


The ICCup Event Ranking is based on the Elo number, just like the FISH Server uses for their ladder. This system works a bit different to what we use for our 1on1 and 2on2 ladders: Every player still wins and loses points, but the amount of won/lost points depends on the opponent's skill level. This way, a player with a high amount of points only gains few more if he was to defeat a player with only an average amount of points.

This system however needs a player to have more than 30 games, before he reaches that limit his 'true' skill isn't really safe — different weighting factors make sure they lose and win more points than usual in this phase. Our database now has more than 400 users with a total amount of 7500 games being recorded, but only less than 100 made it into our final sheet. Only a few more players with a game number close to 30 were added, mainly because they either finished in good positions in bigger tournaments or are very known names in the foreign scene.

We recorded the follwing events:

  • Defiler Tournaments
  • Altitude Nation Wars
  • Gambit Cup
  • ISL 3
  • SBWI Nation Wars
  • sas Tournaments

All these events had to be played after January 1st 2012. The ranking was last updated on the 5th of December 2012. For the future we plan to include the Division A of ICCup Clan League, more Defiler tournaments, but also any future events that are a) open to every nation (unlike e.g. Netwars Cups, Russian KOTH) and b) do not have restrictions to the player pool (e.g. DRTL, C KOTH).


Initial Problems


The variation at the start of our recording phase was quite high, which means that a few players were either overrated or underrated. The most important part of our data comes from, which is the reason why a lot of supposedly 'unknown' players can move up and down in the ranking relatively fast, depending on their finishes. The data collecting process showed that 'one time only' winners (e.g. Idegel) will drop very soon again. However, the top two players, Scan and Sziky, are most likely underrated, the gap between places 1 and 2 should be bigger. In almost all events both had to face each other and could only win relatively few points, due to their opponents not being correctly ranked. We estimate that they will, given that they continue to perform so strong, sooner or later regain a higher rating.

The biggest problem were the vast number of smurfs in the Defiler Tournaments or poorly covered events like Gambit Cup. Therefore an unknown amount players might have made it twice or more often into our data base. With the help of our admin commands we circumvented this as best as we could and hence kept the resulting bias at a minimum. Player's might now have more total games than can be tracked on the respective pages (, liquipedia), but we can assure you, they played this much under fake names. However, these names are not going to be released by the staff, we respect the player's decision to remain anonymous; only their most known account will be displayed in our Event Ranking.

Another problem was caused by a few high class players going back into inactivity, returning from inactivity or retiring completely. The only player to retire in the mid of the process was reps)Pro7ect — hence, his name is in italics. If a player doesn't play for more than two months or at least in one out of fifteen events (depending on how much was organized in that time frame) he will be dropped out of the official ranking, but his points will not be changed. We thought about implementing a punishment term for inactive players (e.g. -50 points / month without games) but let go of this idea. Mainly because there are not too many events going on.


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