iCCup Dota Moment's Top10 Vol.21

15 Oct 2020 @ 04:20 CET

New vidos released! New edition of our top — iCCup Dota Moment's Top10 Vol.20. Thanks to the iCCup Replay Section team for the new video. Do not forget to leave your opinion about this video and wishes for it. Enjoy!

Do you want to become famous and get into the iCCup Dota Top10? We are always looking forward to new replays and cool moments. Submit your replays to our topic.

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Results of Dota tournaments

08 Oct 2020 @ 20:36 CET


Hello dear users of our gaming platform! Week turns week, and tournaments remain intrinsically interesting and exciting, in them you can test your strength and show others what you are capable of. A lot of tactful games, beautiful moments and other goodies can be found in the tournaments of our brothers, and now let's go directly to the review.

Results of last week's tournaments:

EU iCCup Queen of Pain 1x1 Tournament


EU iCCup Queen of Pain 1x1 Tournament — The tournament that allowed us to know the

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DotA Tournament Schedule

08 Oct 2020 @ 20:33 CET


DotA Tournaments:

 iCCup Captain Draft 3х3 Tournament10.10.2020 at 13:00 MSK

EU Tournaments:

EU iCCup Tormented Soul 1x1 Tournament06.10.2020 at 17:00 CET
EU iCCup Windrunner 1x1 Tournament07.10.2020 at 17:00 CET

Well, that's all for me. I wish you all good games. Thank you for your attention, see you soon!

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Schedule of Closed Games

22 Sep 2020 @ 21:41 CET

Greetings, dear users of our gaming platform, today we would like to present you the schedule of closed games!

Sequence of cards!

21.09.2020 at 19:00 msk

22.09.2020 at 19:00 msk

24.09.2020 at 19:00 msk


1. Warlock (ffa)

2. Azeroth Grand Prix

3. Gondar Wars

4. Tief City (ffa)

5. Uther Party

6. Shadowraze Wars (team)

7. Pudge Wars (team)

1. Hungry Hungry Felhound

2. 101r

3. TcX (ffa)

4. Jungle Race

5. Pass the Bomb

6. Magic Football (team)

7. Druid's vs Shaman's (team)

1. Storm Spirit Wizardry (ffa)

2. Snaiper's (ffa

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Balance update StarCraft II

15 Aug 2020 @ 07:05 CET


Our favorite game recently turned 10 years old, and we would like to talk to you about the current conditions of the game since the previous balance update. Battles like TvT and ZvZ haven't changed much, but we'll discuss all other types of battles in detail.


In the current update, this type of combat caused some concern, but it turned out that the changes in the zerg were offset by changes in the map list. It seems to us that at the moment matches like TvZ are dynamic and varied, and it

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WC3 Heroes Tell You The Way

06 Mar 2020 @ 12:02 CET

Starting today, Yandex.Navigator users can download and install new Illidan and Archmage voice sets for free. Voices that are familiar to fans of the Warcraft universe will tell you the correct route with phrases and expressions from the game

Actors Vladislav Kopp (voice of Illidan Stormrage) and Mikhail Schulz (voice of the Archmage) took part in the work on the voice acting. Vladislav Kopp is a Russian actor, as well as the author and presenter of the Model for Assembly program. He has been inv

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WC3: Reforged 1.32.2 update

28 Feb 2020 @ 19:51 CET

Last night, the latest update for the WarCraft III: Reforged beta test of more than 2 gigabytes was released. The patch still contains the most important and necessary updates, such as redrawing Lady Vaisha’s ears and unique animation for the female model of the Demon Hunter. And also in 2020, it suddenly turned out that the ultimate ability of the Master Blade was stolen, and not magic effects should have acted on it all this time.

Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Campaign
    • Audio levels for some dialogue have
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iCCup DotA Moments - vol.3

25 Feb 2020 @ 22:01 CET

New fit, bros! New vidos from iCCup Replay Section and again with presents! By the way, he receives the last present — 4eJIoBekomaCCa! So, attention, competition:

1) Subscribe to our channel!

2) Leave an interesting comment on the video on YouTube and indicate your nickname on the site!

3) Wait for February 21!

Next Friday we will randomly select a winner and he will receive a prize -PRO ACCOUNT ALL IN PACK for 1 month!

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Mousesports is back in WC3

25 Feb 2020 @ 21:55 CET

The mousesports team never became the WC3L champion, but nevertheless, quite promising players played at this time at this German organization, and once even such titans as TH000, Fly100% and Happy (Dmitry, however, was not yet a titan ) This is why it is doubly pleasant that after the release of Reforged, the “mice” decided to return to warcraft. And they seem to be returning relatively modestly, but at the same time thoroughly.

If we talk about the players, then here mouz decided to bet on repr

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Developer for Blizzard

25 Feb 2020 @ 18:31 CET

Despite the unsuccessful launch of Warcraft 3: Reforged, Blizzard President Jay Allen Braque promised that developers are going to develop the game in the future. And today a vacancy of the developer has appeared on the company's website, which will be engaged in updating the Reforged interface.

The set of requirements for applicants is fairly standard: in-depth knowledge of C ++, experience with Javascrypt and an understanding of the requirements for creating and localizing an interface. In addi

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